5 Tips for Creating a Positive Habit

Forming a new habit is a journey. This journey comes with all sorts of twists, turns, and unexpected surprises, even with supportive tools like Aromatherapy. Enjoy the struggle--we’re human.

In this blog, we will talk through some tips for success in your Habit Formation journey. 

  • Start with a Plan
  • Create a SMART habit
  • Gather Tools and Resources
  • Set Your Environment 
  • Find Accountability

Did you know? Approximately 80 percent of people who make New Year's resolutions have dropped them by the second week of February. Beat the 80% and create a habit that sticks. 

Start with a Plan

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are starting a new habit, is jumping into it without a plan. They haven’t defined why they are creating the habit or how they are going to get to where they want to be. Start there.

Ask yourself and define

  • Who do I want to be? What is my“ideal” self and what habits would that person have?
  • Why do I want this? What is going to motivate me?

Create a SMART habit

After figuring out who you want to become and why you want to pursue that, you need a goal. Big, vague goals often lead to burn out and frustration. Start with a goal that you can actually work towards and assess your progress by. A good format for this is SMART habit. 

  • Specific: What is the exact outcome you are looking for? (simple, sensible, and significant)
  • Measurable: What is necessary to accomplish said habit? (meaningful, motivating)
  • Attainable: Do you control the outcome, and is it realistic? (agreed, achievable)
  • Relevant: Does this Habit make sense for me? (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results based)
  • Time-Based: When do I expect to see results? (timely, time-sensitive, time-limited)

 read more about establishing SMART Habits here

Gather Tools and Resources 

Habit Trackers

Establish a way that you can remind yourself to do your habit and keep yourself accountable. A great way to do this is to use a habit tracker. A Habit Tracker allows you to see your progress, times of struggle, and can reinforce your motivations to work towards your goal

 All Fum orders in the month of January come with a free Habit Tracker.



Aromatherapy can be another tool for reminding and reinforcing your habit formation journey. Through associating the habit with specific essential oils in your Füm™, you can establish rhythms that motivate and empower you.


read more about Using Aromatherapy in your Habit Formation here

Set an Environment Conducive to Your Success

 Habit formation includes some barriers and challenges. Setting your social, emotional, and physical environments to support your habit instead of hinder your habit can result in much greater success.

Here are some principles to remember while you set your environment:

In your Social environment

Principle #1: spend time with those that will help improve your habits, not prevent them

Principle #2: invite your friends into the journey for more accountability

Principle #3: your environment will either promote positive habits, or detract from them

In your Emotional environment

Principle #1: the journey is a path, not a ladder. If you stumble, you don't have to start all over. Just keep walking.

Principle #2: positive talk leads to a positive walk. Don't beat yourself up. Affirm your abilities with the way you think about yourself and your habit.

Principle #3: laugh at your failures. Give yourself grace in the journey.

In your Physical environment:

Principle #1: have a plan & write out your S.M.A.R.T. habit

Principle #2: use a habit tracker (physical is best)

Principle #3: use aromatherapy and the psychology of hooking

read more about setting your environment here

Find Accountability

Lastly, tell a friend. A journey is always more fun with a companion. They don’t necessarily have to be forming the same habit, but having someone who checks in on you or that you report to is great accountability for forming your new habit.

To Wrap it up...

Cultivating positive habits in our lives doesn't have to be intimidating. Finding useful tools, such as Füm with Cores or Habit Trackers, can effectively reinforce your motivation and encourage you to keep going. Grab your Fum today, breathe in the benefits, and start creating positive habits that will change who you are becoming.

Curb Your Cravings with Fum™ Conquer

Cravings can sneak up on you when you least expect them and they can really throw a new habit off. No matter your cravings, Fum with Conquer Cores is a great combination for quelling cravings and keeping you on track for creating positive habits. Conquer Cores are a blend of natural essential oils known for curbing cravings. Grab yours now.

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