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The Füm Prominent is an aromatherapy device that makes it easy for you to consistently and reliably receive the benefits from therapeutic-grade essential oils quicker than most other common methods. You simply breathe in through Füm's mouth-piece and exhale through your nose to release all the beneficial nutrients to your olfactory system in your mouth and nasal cavity.  




Essential oils evaporate in your olfactory system with Füm which sends signals directly to your brain much faster than common diffusers.


Without any electronics and unlike a diffuser, Füm doesn’t vaporize or change the natural state of the Essential Oils.


Füm is an easy option to receive the exact right amount of essential oil consistently and reliably on the go. Cores will keep your intake consistent and spread evenly unlike breathing straight from a bottle.


When using high quality, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with your Füm, the aromatic molecules of essential oils will naturally be absorbed quickly by your olfactory receptors in the mouth and nose. Because essential oils are aromatic, not fatty, your body will naturally exhale whatever you don't need. Read More



How To Use Füm


The easiest way to use Füm is with Füm Cores, which are already infused with high-quality essential oils or you can buy Füm blanks to use with your own high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils.  

Product Features:

- Ergonomic design

- Crafted with Canadian Maple

- Hand-finished with natural mineral oil.

- No artificial dyes or colours.


- (1) Füm Prominent 

- (1) 100% Biodegradable Pocket Carry Case

- (4) Essential Oil Grade Polyester Füm Blanks 

- (1) Instruction card

Get 1 Year Füm™ Protection Plan with your purchase: here

*Due to the unique nature of wood, every Füm is unique, so your Füm may vary slightly from the photos.* 

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The best way to use Füm is with Cores 🙌 Get Cores on a monthly subscription here.

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