Füm™ Classic

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The Füm Classic was designed to be a physical reminder to help create better habits. Something to hold on to (literally), reminding ourselves not to have another cupcake, not to have another cigarette; to replace something negative with something positive.

The Füm Classic, is a no smoke and no vape alternative to your current habit. Made from Canadian maple, this all-natural, wooden aromatherapy device can serve as a reminder to keep fighting for what's important to you. 

The idea is that we can utilize the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils, known to relax, focus, and even curb cravings (link to black pepper study) to subconsciously rewire our associations with events. Therefore, making it easier to remind yourself of the objective at hand.


Without any electronics and unlike a diffuser, Füm doesn’t vaporize or change the natural state of the Essential Oils.


When using high quality, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils with your Füm, the aromatic molecules of essential oils will naturally be absorbed quickly by your olfactory receptors in the mouth and nose. Because essential oils are aromatic, not fatty, your body will naturally exhale whatever you don't need. Read More


Essential oils evaporate in your olfactory system with Füm which sends signals directly to your brain much faster than common diffusers.



Füm is an easy option to receive the exact right amount of essential oil consistently and reliably on the go. Cores will keep your intake consistent and spread evenly unlike breathing straight from a bottle. 

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