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"I switched to only Füm from vaping! I was very happy with the ease and FREEDOM of the product"

Rebecca P. - Verified Buyer



A classic craving buster! A combination of super plants known for their craving curbing effects. Use Conquer Cores as the next step in your journey of creating positive habits and conquering negative habits. Conquer Cores make the effects of Black Pepper something that you can integrate into your daily routines. Learn More

A deep, cooling mix of earthy sweetness.


Featuring Super Plants:
- Black Pepper Learn More
- Clove Learn More 
- Peppermint  Learn More
- Eucalyptus Learn More
- Cinnamon Learn More
- Lime Learn More
- Cedarwood Learn More
- Lavender Learn More
- Copaiba Learn More
- Vanilla
- Ocotea



How long does a Core last?

A Core lasts 1 full day of repeated use before the beneficial properties of the natural plants are absorbed. Please Note: flavour doesn't equal benefits. You may still taste a Core's flavour after it's past the expiration point.

How often should I Füm?

As often as you have a craving. Please Note: if Füm is negatively affecting you please stop and contact your physician. 


Each Cores Pack contains four cores infused with the highest quality essential oils. 

CAUTIONS: Not all essential oils are safe for pregnancy, children, or to be mixed with over the counter drugs. Please consult a doctor before using

Blend contains: Black Pepper essential oil, Clove essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil, Cinnamon essential oil,  Lime essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Lavender essential oil, vanilla planifolia extract, copaifera reticula balsam essential oil, ocotea quixos leaf essential oil

Thank you @sheplantsjoy and @oilygang for the awesome photos!

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What is Füm?

Füm combines the benefits of natural plants and behavioural science to distract smokers from their cravings in a natural way.

No Smoke, No Vape, & No Nicotine


Love Us

J W.


I Love the feeling it gives me.


Completed 30 Day Smoke/Vape Free Challenge!

Paul C.


For what seems to be a simple idea, is a genius product. I tend to fidget and/or have a bit of an oral fixation especially during the work day. Very happy with it.

Samantha S.


I absolutely love my Füm. The packaging is sustainable! The website give amazing information and the shipping was much faster than I anticipated! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

Miranda H.


I cannot recommend Füm enough. Not only are the products high quality, customer service is on point. Way above and beyond my expectations! I have no reservations about being a repeat customer for life! Thank you, Füm!

Melissa L.


Awesome product! I haven’t had a cigarette or vaped since I started replacing my habit with my FÜM! :)

Laura W.


FUM has helped my husband successfully quit smoking!! It worked! We are so grateful!

Clarissa O.


Absolutely love my Füm!