What is the Burl Füm™?

What is the Burl Fum™?

The Burl Füm™ is the latest addition to the Füm™ collection.

Though made in the same shape, design, and function as our Füm™ Prominent, the Burl Füm™ has a much deeper and more interesting process that brings it to life.

Burl Wood

First off, what is a Burl?

A Burl is an abnormal growth on a tree caused by injury, stress, or disease. In an effort to defend itself, the tree allocates its resources to the wounded section and creates a Burl--a large knobby looking growth on the tree. In essence, it is kind of like a self-made bandaid for the tree.

Once fully formed, a Burl can be sustainably harvested from a tree and in some cases allow the tree to continue growing healthily.

How is Burl Füm™ Made?

Our Burl Füm™ is made from a Maple Burl.

We receive crates of 5” x ⅝” x ⅝” pieces of Burl that still need to go through a process to become a Fum™--we call these pieces “blanks.” Our team turns these blanks into a rough Füm™, with finishing touches to be added like sanding, wood burns, logo, and our finish.

Now we don’t want to spoil all the secrets of how we make our Füm’s™, but a few things are important to know.

The manufacturing process stays relatively the same up until the final steps of sanding and adding our logo to each Füm™.

When it comes to sanding and finishing a Füm™ Prominent, much of it is done by machine with a few final touches done by hand. Our Burl Füm™ is more manually intensive, in that, our sanding and adding of our logo is all hand done.


Though immensely durable, Burl is extremely textured and does not sand evenly by machine. This is due to the unique and twisted patterning of Burl Wood. Between the tight grains, soft spots can occur. This is why each Burl is sanded by hand to ensure a smooth and personal finish.

The Füm™ Logo

Like the issues with sanding, wood-burning the iconic Füm™ logos on Burl wood has its difficulties due to its multiplicity of textures and densities. We wood-burn the logo by hand instead of in our laser engraver to combat the risks of burning a section too deeply.

A Personalized Füm™

With these two differences, our production time is greatly increased for Burl, and we are okay with that. To us, it’s a strong value-add.

Each piece of Burlwood is unique in the story of its formation and unique in its production to become a Burl Füm™.

Just like you and me, each Burl Füm™ is incredibly unique with its own story to tell.

Read more on the story of Burl here

These personal and manually added touches to our manufacturing help us to remember the unique person who will be receiving their one of a kind Burl Füm™. We all have unique stories to tell, life is too short for general conformity. Stand out, tell your story, live positively.

Burl Füm™ is our voyage to help capture human stories in an everyday beneficial tool while bringing positive change into our lives and the lives of those around us.

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