What is Füm?



Füm is an all-natural non-electronic wooden essential oil inhaler that doesn’t vaporize or change the state of the essential oils when you inhale. Therapeutic grade essential oils are infused on a pure therapeutic grade polyester insert called a Core, then placed into the end of a Füm. By breathing in on the mouthpiece and out through your nose, your olfactory system in your nasal cavity sends signals directly to your brain and body to release the natural benefits of essential oil much quicker and more naturally than other methods like vaporizing essential oils in a large room with a diffuser. 

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How to Use Füm

To use Füm pull out your pre-infused core or add your desired therapeutic grade essential oil to a blank core, fray one end of the core and stick it into the hole on the front of your Füm. Breathe in deeply through the mouthpiece and exhale out through your nose.


Füm is the quickest, most natural & efficient way to receive the benefits of essential oils


Why Use Füm?

When breathing pure therapeutic grade essential oils certified for aromatherapy with Füm, essential oils will naturally evaporate releasing their beneficial properties to your olfactory system in both your mouth and nasal cavity.

While using Füm sensors in your olfactory system send messages directly to your brain and body releasing the essential oils natural benefits like respiratory support, immune-boosting, mood enhancement and congestion relief. Füm has also helped many quit smoking, vaping, negative habits as well as food addictions.

Unlike a diffuser that both vaporizes essential oil and spreads it very thinly through a wide room, Füm takes both a more natural approach leaving the oils in their natural state and provides you with the benefits of essential oils much quicker versus having to sit in a room with a diffuser for up to 2 hours.


What Are Cores?

Cores are a therapeutic grade polyester insert that both comes pre-infused and blank for you to add your own therapeutic grade essential oil (we recommend 3 - 4 drops per blank core). Each core comes in a small resealable bag to keep the essential oil’s quality.

NOTE: While cotton is preferred to polyester it's often bleached and not organic. Füm is looking to work directly with farmers to upgrade our cores to a more natural material in the near future.


Is It Safe?

Yes, when using pure therapeutic grade essential oils marked for aromatherapy use. Not only is it safe, it’s highly recommending if you’ve found an essential oil that benefits you. Please note that not all essential oils are alike and not all companies that make essential oils make them with the same purity. We only use pure therapeutic grade essential oils in our pre-infused cores, and we recommend you do the same.

Essential oils being somewhat improperly named are actually a volatile compound which in simpler words means they evaporate easily in thin air. This creates a simple and effective way for our bodies to absorb the beneficial nutrients of the essential oil and exhale anything our body doesn’t need, unlike a soluble oil that can sticks to our lungs like many common kitchen oils.


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Füm vs Diffuser

While we know there are many reasons to still use a diffuser, Füm is a much quicker and more natural way to receive the benefits of essential oils. Depending on the room, one or two uses with a Füm will have the same effect as sitting in a room with a diffuser for up to 2 hours.

Füm also takes a much more natural approach leaving the essential oils in their natural state instead of vaporizing them as your diffuser will.


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Hey Austin,

Thanks so very much for your feedback! We’re always looking for how we can improve our products and really appreciate you taking the time to share your valuable thoughts with us.

In regards to the breathing, when using Füm™ we recommend breathing in through your mouth and then out through your nose without directly inhaling into your lungs. This allows the beneficial properties of the plants to be delivered to the olfactory system found in our mouth and nasal cavity.

Füm™ August 16, 2022

Hi Fum, I like this product but I have a couple things that would help us customers:
1. install a choke just before the mouth piece to a) create a more realistic “draw” feeling, b) to act as a stopper for the core, and c) to help prevent the oil from getting in your mouth after leaking from the core.
2. the white cranberry tastes like Hobby Lobby, just my opinion.
3. After reading the comments above, I’m not clear on whether this should be inhaled, or circular-breathed through the mouth and nose.


Austin August 16, 2022

Very interesting to read you
Good luck to you

TerrySek September 21, 2020

Hi Suzanne,

There is no FDA or Health Canada confirmed research correlating inhaling essential oils to negative effects in the lungs. We are conducting our own research on this matter so that we’ll be able to directly address this question in the future!

However, when using FÜM we recommend just breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose, without inhaling directly into your lungs. Your olfactory system found in our mouth and nasal cavity are perfectly capable of soaking up all the beneficial nutrients from Essential Oils. If using your own blends on our Blank Cores, it’s very important that you only use quality “pure” essential oils and always follow the recommendations on the bottle.

FÜM August 28, 2020

Hi! Is it safe to inhale the peppermint oil in your lungs and then exhale

suzanne clark August 28, 2020

Hi Emily,

There has not been any known cases/studies that are linked to negative buildup in the bloodstream or the lungs.

FÜM July 28, 2020

Hi Whitney,

Thanks so much for asking. In terms of how often can you use it. You can use it throughout the day as needed. Our product is a no heat, no vape all natural product. We always recommend checking in with your family doctor when it comes to using Essential Oils to treat medical conditions.

FÜM July 28, 2020

Is this known to negatively effect the lungs or bloodstream by building up a residue?

Emily July 28, 2020

How often can you use it? Like can I use it back to back with different oils? How hot do these get in degrees of Fahrenheit? And although you can’t treat, diagnose, or cure anything…..do you have a “recommended” asthma blend?

Whitney July 28, 2020

What is the rough lifespan of the core – how many puffs can it take? Additionally, how many drops of essential oils do you recommend adding to a plain core?

Noddy July 28, 2020

I didn’t see an answer to this question: Do you inhale into your lungs or simply in through your mouth and out through your nose?

Eden Anne July 28, 2020

Hi Peggy,

Thank you for reaching out! To remove the Core, blow through the mouthpiece, this should pop it out easily. If it is very stuck, you can gently tap it on a table to loosen it, then blow through the mouthpiece. An alternate method is to use a wooden skewer and push it out.

FUM July 09, 2020


You can use your FUM as much as you like throughout the day.

FUM July 09, 2020

Several questions on how/when to use the FUM. 1) During a session, how many breathes should you do? 2) Are there specific times/situations that you should do a session? 3) How often should you do a session?

Doug Duley July 09, 2020

How do you get the cores out?

Peggy Riggs July 09, 2020

Hi Gina,
We recommend verifying the safety of inhalation for every oil you use in your FUM. Typically, CBD oil is intended for ingestion, not inhalation, but you can check with the oil company directly about the safety of inhaling the specific oil.

FUM June 16, 2020

Hi Nichole and Megan,
We are not medical professionals and in no way claim to be experts in that field. We always recommend checking in with your doctor or finding a certified aromatherapist. Thanks for asking though.

FUM June 16, 2020

Can you use this with CBD oil ?

Gina June 16, 2020

My dad had a heart attack almost 3 months ago and quit smoking cold turkey the day he went in to the hospital. He hasn’t picked up a cigarette since but is struggling with not having anything for his hands to do while he’s sitting outside with his cup if tea. It stresses him out, which he doesnt need. I feel like he would benefit from using one of these. Are they safe for someone who is on a wide variety of medications for heart disease?

Megan Wood June 16, 2020

Interested in more info. I have a friend who suffers greatly from serious asthma. Wondering if this would be good for her. I am a sr star with young living 😊

Nicole Richardson June 16, 2020

Does Young Living know this????

Chris June 09, 2020

sarah we never ever ship out used Füms to our customers. One reason that your Füm might have a peppery smell is that our Füm is finished with food-safe mineral oil and it is very likely that your Füm still holds a bit of its pleasant scent. If you are still worried, feel free to contact us at connectbreathefum.com and we will be more than happy to help out.

Füm June 02, 2020

Do you ever ship previously used/purchased Fums (the wooden part) to customers? Mine definitely smells/tastes like essential oil, most likely a blend with black pepper from what I can discern. A savory, almost food-like herbal scent. It’s stronger at the “far” end that you don’t put into your mouth. Are these supposed to have a heavy scent/flavor when empty? It looks fine, but I’m concerned.

Sarah June 02, 2020

Hello … I would be very interested in learning more. Could you please send me a link to the studies that show your product is safe to use as described ?

Carrie Mae

Carrie Mae Garber July 09, 2020

Hey @Stephanie @Esther @Shannon @Payge @Shauna
You all had asked about Cores. Cores typically last 1 – 2 days depending on how often they’re used through out the day. After these initial 1 – 2 days you can add more essential oil onto the Core. Keep in mind that a Core will eventually need to be replaced with a new one after some time.

Füm April 15, 2020

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I Love the feeling it gives me.


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For what seems to be a simple idea, is a genius product. I tend to fidget and/or have a bit of an oral fixation especially during the work day. Very happy with it.

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I absolutely love my Füm. The packaging is sustainable! The website give amazing information and the shipping was much faster than I anticipated! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

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I cannot recommend Füm enough. Not only are the products high quality, customer service is on point. Way above and beyond my expectations! I have no reservations about being a repeat customer for life! Thank you, Füm!

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Awesome product! I haven’t had a cigarette or vaped since I started replacing my habit with my FÜM! :)

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FUM has helped my husband successfully quit smoking!! It worked! We are so grateful!

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Absolutely love my Füm!