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We are so excited to be blogging all about one of our favorite oil accessories + our favorite essential oils to use with it – FÜM pipe

Before we dive in, for those of you who don’t yet know what a

FÜM is – it’s an essential oil inhaler (pipe) that enables you to passively breathe in essential oils while reaping the many magic and therapeutic benefits internally, without smoke or vape.

Pretty neat, right? We absolutely love our FÜM pipe and never leave home without it! I think the best (and most fun) part about using the FÜM pipe is getting to experiment with new oils, blends, and flavors while still benefiting from all the magical properties from each essential oil. It’s a win, win! We have literally tried so many different oils and blends in our FÜM, but we definitely have our trusty faves for every occasion, ailment and season…

Top 5 essential oils to füm - aromatherapy inhaler

Thieves vitality – this blend combines lemon, clove, eucalyptus radiata, cinnamon bark, and rosemary to create one of young living’s most popular oils. These ingredients work together synergistically to offer one of the key benefits of thieves vitality: overall wellness and support for a healthy immune system. We use this blend as an addition to our everyday wellness regimen in a number of ways, but our favorite is using it in our FÜM pipe. Its sweet, spicy flavor gives an overall comforting and warm sensation.


peppermint essential oil

Aside from the obvious benefit of minty-fresh breath, inhaling peppermint in your FÜM pipe can provide almost immediate relief from allergy symptoms by soothing the respiratory system. Many studies support the anti-inflammatory effects of peppermint. In fact, one study published by the European Journal of medical research suggests that peppermint can help to reduce allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. Helping you to breathe with ease. Using peppermint in your FÜM can also help you stay alert and awake – especially when used during travel or your morning commute to work. Peppermint is also helpful for those who get motion sick, especially in cars, planes, or on ships. Inhaling peppermint can also help relieve the uneasy feelings and dizziness. Peppermint can relax the digestive system, resulting in increased serotonin and substance p levels, which acts as a neurotransmitter reducing nausea and vomiting. Therefore, using peppermint in your FÜM can help relieve the unsettling feeling of motion sickness, while it also allows you to breathe deeper.


benefits of copaiba essential oil

Known for its beta-caryophyllene content and promotes wellness. The most impressive benefits include its ability to reduce occasional pain, keep you above the wellness line, stimulate the body’s natural healing process, and boost respiratory health. Research has found that the main component found in copaiba, beta-caryophyllene, is responsible for its anti-inflammatory effect. Not to mention, the biochemical agent, b-caryophyllene (BCP) found in copaiba is shown to help regulate endocrine and immune system function, which allows oil to keep your body above the wellness line.


lemon essential oil benefits - aromatherapy inhaler

Lemon can help the lymphatic system, supporting the respiratory system to function properly. A study also revealed that inhaling lemon can prevent the growth of pathogens and boosts the immune system. Therefore, inhaling and diffusing lemon essential oil can help detox the airborne particles and pathogens that cause allergic triggers in the air.


Christmas spirit essential oil

If we are being honest, we just love the festive taste of this oil in our FÜM pipe! Its legit like Christmas exploded in your mouth. It’s so magical. Christmas spirit essential oil is a blend of orange, cinnamon, and black spruce and it really is like the holidays in a bottle. Its scent is reminiscent of the holidays and can evoke feelings and memories tied to the joy of Christmas and simpler, more peaceful moments.


Additional Faves

Black pepper – can help you reduce your cravings for nicotine, boost metabolism, improve circulation and lower blood pressure, and detoxify the body.

Basil – can help keep inflammatory responses in check. Basil can help support the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the regulation of over 50 hormones that control almost every function in the body.

Eucalyptus – for all the soothing support when it comes to seasonal allergies, mental clarity, and stress relief. It contains a high percentage of constituent eucalyptol.

Lavender – for brain function, mood and stress, and increasing body’s antioxidants.

As far as which specific essential oils you should use in your FÜM, this is totally up to you! To get to the most out of your FÜM experience we suggest using stronger oils, like peppermint or wintergreen. These can have a flavorful, soothing, and stimulating effect when inhaled. There are however over 300 types of essential oils on the planet, many of which are great for inhaling, meaning it can come down to personal preference. Personally, we recommend starting out with the vitality line essential oils because they are labeled for internal use. With that said, the sky is the limit when using your FÜM pipe! Do not be afraid to experiment or add more than one oil at a time!

Which essential oil would you use in your FÜM pipe?

If you are ready to redefine your health today, grab a FÜM pipe of your own here!

Happy Füming, babe!


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Hi Charlene,

Cores can be stored in the little zipper pack that they come in. If you use your Füm sparingly as you mentioned and store it well, you should get a week or two use out of each Core. Some people like to remove their Core from their Füm after every use, and store it in the zipper pouch and others leave their Cores in the Füm and store it in the Pocket Case. The Cores will tend to last longer if they are stored in the zipper pouch.

FÜM September 29, 2020

How do you store your individual cores in between uses?
If you only use core once like before bed, how many days will it last?

Charlene September 29, 2020

Hi Trish,

Depending on the Cores, we add up to 3 drops of Essential Oil using a specific method that regulates the amount of oil per drop so as to ensure that each Core is infused with the exact amount of oil every time. A Core typically lasts 1-2 days, depending on how much you use your FUM throughout the day. If you store it well and use intermittently, you can often get an extra day or two of use out of each core! We do not recommend reapplying your own oils to used Cores, as it has been noted that a Core’s integrity wears down and begins flaking after several reapplications.

FÜM August 28, 2020

Hi Lenora,

We recommend only using high quality, pure, 100% therapeutic essential oils with your FUM. We use Young Living essential oils in our FUM Cores.

FÜM August 28, 2020

How many drops of EO should i add to each core? and how long can you use each core? can you keep using the same one over and over a few times, by adding a bit more oil, and then change out to a new one? I am trying to decide how many blank cores i am gonna need.

Thank you!

TRISH August 28, 2020

Where can I buy these 5 essentials oils for the FUM? I bought some at FUM, but they don’t sell all the ones you mentioned on your blog

Lenora July 09, 2020

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