Our Mission to Redefine Health

"Aims structure our perception, when we aim at something it changes the way that we see the world. We interpret things in categories of obstacles and opportunities to come to the goal."

(Jordan Peterson, School of Greatness Podcast Episode 664)

At FUM our aim is to provide something to aim at, a goal of what it means to be 'healthy' or 'thriving'. We believe in the power of people striving towards an ideal and achieving it, and we want to provide a superior aim than the default provided by our culture. This cultural ideal is strongly formed by consumerism, materialism, and individualism. Consumerism claims that material possessions are a primary source of happiness and markers of achievement to others. Individualism asserts that the ability of an individual to choose their own path is the highest value. Lastly, materialism, is the belief that the universe is composed of solely material, that which can be touched, measured and moved, and that this is the limit of all that exists.

Why is it important that we set ourselves as counterweights against these beliefs? We believe that they are incomplete and subsequently overly emphasized in our current culture. Thus to 'push-back', the opposite should be affirmed, not as a negation of the other, but as a force pushing for a balanced viewpoint. For example, we believe that Relational health is very important, but this does not mean that we then as well inherently think that individual expression is then a negative thing, just that we need to shift to value relationships more.

At FÜM, we are striving to put forward an example that is balanced in these domains and emphasizes that 'thriving' or 'health' is Internal, Physical and Relational.  

We believe that in the ‘internal’ domain health includes the acknowledgment of each person’s ability and responsibility to act for change. This means;  know that it is impossible to know all truth, but that truth should be sought and then held. The healthy individual knows that they are responsible for their actions and that they are able to make choices for the betterment of themselves and others, as well as choices that lead to chaos. The internally "healthy" individual knows that they are able to act purposefully in the world, are responsible for their actions, and understand that they are valued.

The optimal function of our physical body is also apart of "health". This aspect of "health" is what is typically thought to encompass what it is to be "healthy" and we think that an emphasis on physical health is great when balanced with thriving in Relational and Internal areas as well. This is important because we believe that for some the physical can become overemphasized. An obsession with the perfect looking physical body, or physical performance, can lead imbalance in overall "health". We see the goal of physical health to support the long-term optimal function of the body. Within this, we affirm the importance of exercise, healthy eating and other actions which contribute to optimal body function.

Relational health emphasizes that humans function best in community as they work towards shared goals. We vary from mainstream cultural idea of communities existing solely for the benefit and support of individuals within them. Rather, we believe in communities existing for the good of the whole, which will benefit all individuals greater than if they were alone. This is based on the belief that when individuals direct their individual desires toward the common good of a group. the net gain or accomplishment is greater than if all the individuals were working towards their own goals alone.

While our definition of "health" is divided into 3 categories for the purpose of clarity, we see these categories as conceptual and not as exclusive. Our desire in acknowledging each of these areas is to show their interconnectedness in a holistic view of health. Each of these domains of health is affected by the other, so the thriving of one domain will have effects on the others because affects the person as a whole. Our Physical health is affected by our Relational health, which is also affected by our Internal health.

At FÜM we desire to share this vision of health, enable others to live it, and live it ourselves.

Cheers to a Redefined Health,


Braeden is beyond grateful to be able to be apart of  FUM movement and to work on things he is passionate about. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from Briercrest College, and is excited to empower people with FUM.

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