Introducing Conquer Cores: the Craving Curbing Cores

Introducing Conquer Cores: 

Developed with habit formation in mind, Conquer Cores are made to kick your cravings butt with a smooth balance of sweet and earthy aromas. Whether it’s sugar cravings or cutting that nicotine habit, these are the Cores for taking control of your habits.


Flavor & Experience

Conquer, like our other blends, is a mixture of benefits, flavour, and experience.

First, let’s talk about flavour. Conquer is both deep and earthy while containing hints of sweetness and spice. The deep and earthy flavour comes from the Black Pepper essential oil, while the sweetness and spiciness come from Clove, Cinnamon, and other citrusy essential oils.

In terms of experience, the added Peppermint and Eucalyptus do wonders for opening up your airways and providing that cooling sensation familiar to a mint toothpaste.

Though complicated when looking at the ingredient list, Conquer is actually quite balanced and approachable. We like to call Conquer a “drama-free” Core, it’s consistent, easy to incorporate, and has a comforting taste that can easily take the place of those unwanted habits.


Did you know? Black Pepper essential oil is known to reduce cravings!


Black Pepper Essential Oil: The classic essential oil used for curbing nicotine cravings, Black Pepper essential oil not only has an earthy flavor (similar to tobacco), but also has proven results for its effectiveness in conquering addiction. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil: The cedrol in Cedarwood essential oil has a soothing effect, aiding in easing feelings of stress or anxiety. The process of ceasing negative habits can be overwhelming, it is helpful to have calming elements as a part of your habit formation. 

Lime Essential Oil: Citrus oils are known to be uplifting and energizing. With their zesty aroma, they stimulate your senses and can be a boost of motivation.

Peppermint Essential Oil: The menthol present in Peppermint essential oil is known for its respiratory supporting properties. Peppermint essential oil eases lingering respiratory irritation from old habits, such as smoking or vaping. 

 These cores also contain: Clove essential oil, Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil, Cinnamon essential oil, Lavender essential oil, vanilla planifolia extract, copaifera reticula balsam essential oil, ocotea quixos leaf essential oil



A classic craving buster! A combination of oils known for their craving curbing affects. Use Conquer Cores as the next step in your journey of creating positive habits and conquering negative habits. Conquer Cores make the effects of Black Pepper something that you can integrate into your daily routines. 

A deep, cooling mix of earthy sweetness.

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I see a similar testimonial to mine here in these comments… I got a FUM for my guy because he wants to quit smoking. He really likes it and keeps it in his truck. I was driving the truck one day and found my self craving a snack. I wasn’t necessarily hungry, just wanting to sooth some work stress (I’m a stress snacker). I took a couple puffs of the CONQUER core, hoping the complex flavors would trick my brain into thinking I was eating something. TOTALLY WORKED!! So I just bought my own FUM and picked a few of the yummiest sounding cores. It’ll live on my desk where I can puff on it instead of snacking while I’m thinking things through and solving problems at work. Bottom line: great for quitting a bad snacking habit as well as a smoking habit!

Erin Aguilera March 21, 2022

Hey Stephanie,

We’re so excited that you have chosen Füm™ to support you in your quitting journey and hope it helps you as it has so many others!

Here is a support article on how to use Blank Cores :)

Füm™ March 14, 2022

I just received my Fum. I have been an esstential oil user for many years and thought this was a great way to quit smoking. I have smoked for 34 years and quit several times for only a few months, then back to smoking. I’m in the right frame of mind and this has been the best way that I’ve seen to help.
I was wanting to know the best way to apply my own oils to the blank cores?

Stephanie March 14, 2022

Hello Chris,

We only add high quality, 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that are intended for aromatherapy use to our Cores. There are no electronic components and it does not use vape or smoke. Here is a link with more information on our Cores :)

Füm™ January 13, 2022

Hello, does the vapour/ aerosol coming from your product contain traces of metal such as nickel and lead, among others?

Chris January 13, 2022

Hi Lorraine,

The Cores subscription is an awesome way to ensure you have a constant supply of Cores and it also gives you 10% off! You can have your subscription set up when adding the Core flavor to your cart. Simply select the “Subscribe and Save” option as well as the frequency with which you would like them sent to you (every 14 or 30 days).

We do not sell the essential oils that we infuse our Cores with and we recommend only using essential oils that are intended for inhalation/aromatherapy use and that are high quality, pure, therapeutic grade.

We do not recommend reapplying your own oils to used Cores, as some of our customers have noted that a Core’s integrity wears down and begins flaking after several reapplications.

Füm™ January 03, 2022

I just got my FUM quit naturally order. I notice the cores only last one day if used regularly. I really want to quit smoking so what do you suggest for reordering cores for this purpose? What product do you use to infuse your cores and can I buy them separately to make the cores last longer? Can I reuse a core if I use an essential oil like black pepper essential oil? thanks.

Lorraine Dauphinee January 03, 2022

Hi Toni,

Each Core typically last 1-2 days all depending on how often you use your Füm™ and how you store it in between uses (in its Pocket Case). If you use it very often, a Core may not last a full day due to how the essential oils are being used up/evaporating faster.

Füm™ September 24, 2021

How long does each core last?

Toni September 24, 2021

Hi Harold,

Yes, you can use different Core flavors in your Füm™ Inhaler.

Füm™ June 22, 2021

Can I use other fragrance in the same pipe

Harold Edwards June 22, 2021

If you’re anything like me and you’re thinking “Black Pepper and Cedarwood… mixed with citrus and Peppermint… huh?” I promise these Cores taste like magic in your mouth. I thought it would be weird too, and somehow it just WORKS. Coming from the snacking queen herself, I’ve been really adamant about using my FÜM with Conquer Cores and drinking water before reaching for a boredom-fueled snack – and it’s been working wonders. Thats action alone is really helping form a habit for me in thinking through if I’m ACTUALLY hungry or if I just like the act of eating. (lol, who doesn’t?) In conclusion, try these out. I really don’t think you’ll regret it.

Kellie January 11, 2021

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I absolutely love my Füm. The packaging is sustainable! The website give amazing information and the shipping was much faster than I anticipated! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

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I cannot recommend Füm enough. Not only are the products high quality, customer service is on point. Way above and beyond my expectations! I have no reservations about being a repeat customer for life! Thank you, Füm!

Melissa L.


Awesome product! I haven’t had a cigarette or vaped since I started replacing my habit with my FÜM! :)

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FUM has helped my husband successfully quit smoking!! It worked! We are so grateful!

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Absolutely love my Füm!