How to Talk to Your Partner About Their Smoking Habits

How to Talk to Your Partner About Their Smoking Habits

Quitting smoking is difficult — whether it’s done cold turkey or slowly over time, there are many challenges to face along the way. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 68% of adult smokers report that they want to quit. However, fewer than 1 in 10 adult cigarette smokers succeed in quitting each year.

When it comes to smoking cessation, having a strong support system can make all the difference. If you want to talk to your partner about their smoking habits, it’s helpful to prepare yourself for what’s to come. Understanding and practicing the right steps to support your partner can play a tremendous role in their ability to quit. Follow along to find out how you can help!

Be Understanding and Supportive

When you’re ready to speak to your partner about their smoking habits, it’s helpful to approach this conversation in an understanding and supportive manner. Rather than lecturing them about the health and financial risks of smoking, open up the conversation to find out what your partner wants.

For most people, getting motivated to take action starts with a personal reason why. Without judgment, it can help to voice your concerns about their smoking habits. Together, you can discover a reason why that’s strong enough to outweigh their urge to quit smoking for good.

Be Patient and Helpful with Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal is a very real and challenging consequence of smoking cessation. Some common withdrawal symptoms include:

⦁ Anxiety

⦁ Irritability

⦁ Anger

⦁ Sadness

⦁ Restlessness

⦁ Weight gain

⦁ Difficulty sleeping

⦁ Increased appetite

Understanding the different withdrawal symptoms can help prepare you for what to expect. Being patient, understanding, and available when needed can make a huge difference in symptom management.

Offer Healthy Distractions

Distractions can be a helpful way to keep your partner from reaching for their next cigarette. When their cravings start, offer your partner an enjoyable distraction to keep their mind and body busy.
Here are some examples of healthy distractions you can try:

⦁ Play a game

⦁ Go for a walk

⦁ Cook a meal

⦁ Try a new hobby (e.g, tennis, golf, or bowling)

⦁ Take a class (e.g., painting, cooking, or music)

⦁ Practice yoga or meditation

Preparing a “distraction kit” can be useful for emergency cravings. This can include Füm, gum, patches, toothpicks, and fidget toys. Remember, preparation is key to overcoming cravings.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Being your partner's cheerleader can help motivate them to keep moving forward. One of the ways you can support their progress and celebrate their wins is by creating practical milestones. Although the goal is to help your partner quit smoking for good, start with the goal of quitting for 1 day, then 1 week, and so on.

It’s very common to have relapses throughout this process. Even then, you can celebrate your partner by acknowledging the number of cigarettes they didn’t smoke. Quitting is difficult, let your partner know that they are doing their very best and to continue focusing on one day at a time.

Provide Beneficial Resources

If you’ve done your research on smoking cessation, it can be helpful to offer some of these resources to your partner — so long as you don’t overwhelm them with a ton of statistics and research articles. Instead, you can find success stories or expert advice for quitting (e.g., replacement therapy) and give your partner the choice to do what works for them.

Remember, your partner will be most successful when they work through this challenge at their own pace. Too much pressure and they risk relapsing or even trying to hide their smoking habits from you.

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