Four Years of Füm...

Looking back over these past years, and 2021 in specific, we are beyond grateful for how we've continued to grow in impact as the Füm Family. You are a part of our story, and we wanted to share a few highlights from these first 4 years that are worth celebrating collectively.

We've donated over $100,000 USD to the M4K Orphanage

In the early days, as we were preparing to launch Füm, we knew we wanted to build a business that had a positive impact on the world. 

We talked about how business is a strong tool that can be used for either good or evil. In these conversations, we came to agree that we didn't just want to have a business for the sake of making money, but that we wanted to start something that would have an impact beyond that. 

For us, this meant having a positive impact on customers, our team, and a broader impact in the world. We determined at this point that the broader impact in the world could be donating a portion of our revenue to charity. We decided to partner with an orphanage in Kenya that was providing much-needed food, housing and education for children orphaned by aids, conflicts and economic hardship. Within the last few weeks, we surpassed $100,000 USD in support of the M4K orphanage. This has gone towards the food, shelter, and education of over 200 children and we couldn't be more proud.

We are excited to continue to partner with M4K as we continue to create a world of positive habits through Füm.

50,000+ customers and 80 countries

It still is insane to us that the Füm Family is over 50,000 strong from over 80 countries around the world. We're beyond grateful to have been a part of the health journey of these 50,000 people. 

We know that on average every smoker who quits smoking gains 10 years back on their life. With the number of customers we've served on their quitting journey, we know that the impact has been immense. Not only for the health of our customers but the global impact being made.

Internally, and more publicly now, we have the goal of helping 1 million people by 2025 quit smoking. That would mean 1 million people gaining 10 years of life back, 1 million lost customers of big tobacco, and 1 million people who can celebrate being nicotine-free.

Step by step we're getting closer to our mission of helping 1 million people quit smoking--and your support is everything to us.

10,000+ Conquer Cores Produced

In early 2021, we formulated and launched Conquer Cores, our most popular flavor for smokers.

Conquer is an earthy and minty formulation designed for smokers that was built on the existing research of utilizing plants for smoking cessation with an improvement in flavor--because who said quitting had to suck? 

Since its launch, we have now had over 10,000 Conquer Cores go out to customers, each one of them hopefully empowering someone to become one step closer to being free from smoking or vaping.

We now have a roster of over 12 unique Cores designed with different areas of support backed by plant science.

Receiving Successful Quit Cards

In the last year, we started including a 30 day 'quit card' with all of our Quit Naturally orders. The Quit Card is a simple tool with a profound impact. Quitting isn't always simple, and we want to continue to develop additional tools to help people measure and attain success!

A huge highlight for our team has been receiving photos back of customers holding their Quit Cards who have successfully quit with Füm. These images get shared at our weekly team meetings and have led to amazing conversations with our customers.

Here's to a better tomorrow


We believe there is a lot to celebrate in Füm's first four years! We're so grateful for every person who is working with us. Whether you are a team member, customer, or business partner we are making a difference as the Füm Family and we're so excited as we continue to have a positive impact on the world.

Cheers to four years!


Braeden, Füm CEO and co-founder  

P.S. We’re having a flash 20% off sale store wide Friday, March 18 - 20th, 2022


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Füm™ September 22, 2022

When will FUM be having another sale?

Michelle Granberry September 22, 2022

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I Love the feeling it gives me.


Completed 30 Day Smoke/Vape Free Challenge!

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For what seems to be a simple idea, is a genius product. I tend to fidget and/or have a bit of an oral fixation especially during the work day. Very happy with it.

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I absolutely love my Füm. The packaging is sustainable! The website give amazing information and the shipping was much faster than I anticipated! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

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I cannot recommend Füm enough. Not only are the products high quality, customer service is on point. Way above and beyond my expectations! I have no reservations about being a repeat customer for life! Thank you, Füm!

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Awesome product! I haven’t had a cigarette or vaped since I started replacing my habit with my FÜM! :)

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FUM has helped my husband successfully quit smoking!! It worked! We are so grateful!

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Absolutely love my Füm!