Essential Oils for Anxiety

top three essential oils for anxiety and stress
It’s likely that you have experienced stress or anxiety at least once in your life. According to the American Psychology Association, 75 percent of North Americans experience anxiety once a month. The good news is, there are essential oils that can help you cope with the overwhelming feelings and the negative emotions that stress and anxiety bring. Even though many people turn to pharmaceuticals to deal with stress and anxiety, it might be worth looking into natural tools and techniques to help you breathe through stressful moments. Learn more about how lavender, rosemary, and orange essential oil can help you overcome feelings of stress and anxiety.

Lavender is one of the most commonly known essential oils. Known for its relaxation and calming effects, lavender oil can act as a nervous system restorative.This means that lavender essential oil can help with inner peace, sleep, restlessness, irritability, nervous stomachs and anxiousness.

Lavender's unique calming effect has been researched in numerous studies; many have tested the positive effects of inhaling, ingesting or applying lavender to the body. The Handbook of Essential oils: Science, Technology, and Application, 2nd Edition, states a number of clinical trials that show the results of inhaling lavender essential oil can reduce stress and anxiety. Furthermore, studies have found that Lavender's main compound, Linalool Odoor, has an anxiolytic effect. Meaning, lavender can help suppress the nervous system, stabilize heart rate, and lower anxiety. In fact, another study published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, suggests that linalool effects the same parts of the brain as anti-anxiety drugs. This is significant, because just the smell and inhalation have the ability to help anxious feelings, unlike anti-anxiety drugs, which are absorbed into the bloodstream and can have negative side effects.

Orange essential oil has a powerful uplifting scent that can help improve mood and stress levels. According to a recent study, orange's aroma helped female patients by lowering the participants' state of anxiety and elevating levels of calmness compared to the control group who did not use orange. Another study tested the use of orange aromatherapy. The participants exposed to the aromatherapy of sweet orange showed to have less tension and higher tranquility levels in stressful situations than the control group. Researchers suggest that orange can have an anti-anxiety effect because of its calming and mood lifting compounds.

Rosemary essential oil has similar compounds as lavender, as they share the same plant family. Many studies suggest that the oral intake or inhaling of rosemary can have an anti-anxiety, mood boosting effect, while improving sleep-quality and memory performance. A study published in Holistic Nursing Practice, tested the effectiveness of inhaling rosemary before stressful situations; one test subject group was graduating nursing students taking an exam. Results reveal that those who used rosemary had a reduction in stress levels and pulse rates compared to those who did not use the essential oil. Many studies support this conclusion. One published by Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2018, tested the effects of oral administration of rosemary on anxiety, sleep, and memory. Results reveal that over a months period of using rosemary, participants had significant improved scores on all aspects tested. Participants displayed improved memory, better quality sleep, and lower stress and anxiety levels when taking rosemary essential oil. Therefore, supporting studies reveal that rosemary can be used to help with anxiety and improvement in stress and mood.
aromatherapy inhaler - essential oils for anxiety and stress
FUM is a tool that helps you utilize the benefits of essential oils, as easy as breathing. Choose one of your preferred essential oils or try out the stress away blend in your FUM. FUM allows you to get more out of essential oils and breathing. The action of using your FUM helps you to breathe deeper and slower, which helps with de-stressing. When inhaling essential oil, it enters your lungs and blood stream, giving a rush of refreshment and revival. Learn more about the science behind inhaling essential oils and how a FUM works here.  
top essential oils for anxiety and stress


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Disclaimer: Essential oils cannot cure anxiety disorders. They can, however, help alleviate some of symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. If you do suffer from chronic stress or anxiety, please consult a trusted health care provider to ensure proper treatment. Only a health care professional can assess specific symptoms and recommend treatment. You can ask your physician if essential oils can work for you along side with medications.



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