Copaiba Essential Oil Benefits

Why Copaiba?

"I came down with a cold last week and it flared up my asthma. I absolutely HATE the meds I have to take. I decided I was going to try the FÜM. I used 4 drops Raven and 2 drops Copaiba. The first time I used it. I just felt all the tightness in my chest leave. I was able to successfully make it through my asthma flare up using the FÜM, did not need any meds!!!!" - Customer Experience (FÜM Fam Group)


What is Copaiba?

Copaiba is a tree primarily found in Brazil, that can grow upwards to100 feet tall, produces yellow flowers and reddish fruit. There are a variety of copaiba species, and the essential oil is produced from one type of tree belonging to the Copaifera genus family. Copaiba essential oil is created from the tree's resin; a sticky sap like compound extracted from the trunk and roots of the tree. The scent of copaiba is described as sweet and woody and is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and air-way-clearing properties.

Copaiba Benefits 

Powerful Anti-inflammatory: Copaiba has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory for hundreds of years. Research has found that the main component found in Copabia, beta-caryophyllene, is responsible for its anti-inflammatory effect. This property is significant, considering that the inflammation is the root of most diseases today.

Helps Protect the Liver: A study published in 2013 indicated that copaiba oil can help reduce liver tissue damage caused by over the counter pain killers such as Tylenol. Acetaminophens, common pain killers, are proven to weaken the liver over time. The study conducted on animal test subjects revealed that administering copaiba oil before the pain killers significantly reduced liver damage.

Guards the Brain: Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine investigated how copaiba oil may have neuroprotective benefits on acute neural disorders caused by intense inflammation resulting from strokes and bran/spinal cord trauma. Not only did the studies reveal that copaiba oil can have an anti-inflammatory effect, but after one dose of copaiba oil, the damage to the motor cortex in the brain deceased by 40 percent.

Aids Autoimmune Conditions: Fairly new to research, however worth mentioning the significant findings. Studies conducted on animals with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), revealed that Copaiba can help combat the body's attack on itself but modulating immune responses. 


Improves Oral Health: If used properly, copaiba essential oil can be used to treat a variety of dental issues. Studies show that copaiba oil can act as a bacteriostatic agent, which can fight against bacteria commonly found in the human mouth; therefore, copaiba oil can help treat tooth decay, cavities and even be used as a root canal sealer.


Flights Infections: The biochemical agent, B-Caryophyllene (BCP) found in copaiba oil is shown to help regulate endocrine and immune system function, which allows oil to help fight infections throughout the body.



Try using Copiaba in a FUM essential oil aromatherapy inhaler!




Jocelyn's passion to help others drives her work here at FUM.  Jocelyn uses her research knowledge to bring information to the FUM Family on how to improve health. She graduated with a degree in Business Management and Organizational Communication from University of Ottawa and currently lives in Calgary, Canada.




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Thank you for that review at the top, this is exactly the purpose I just purchased mine! trying to avoid the next level of medication…steroids.

whitney October 27, 2019

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