Break Your Dependence on Nicotine, Vaping, & Smoking

Breaking your nicotine dependence, by quitting smoking or vaping is no small task. There are a lot of elements that challenge the process; from oral fixation, the hand-to-mouth habit, to social pressure, and the side effects of quitting. You are attempting to  break strong habits that have been woven throughout your life while also coping with the nasty withdrawal effects. Quitting can be very intense--but not impossible!

Facing the Hurdles of Quitting

Breaking your dependence on nicotine is hard. In fact, fewer than 1 in 10 adult cigarette smokers succeed in quitting smoking each year, while 68% of adult smokers say they want to quit (Source). So what are the hurdles that are holding you back from successfully ditching nicotine? 

The most common hurdles people face when trying to quit include: 

  • Dependence on the oral sensation of smoking
  • Craving the hand to mouth habit
  • Nicotine withdrawal symptoms 
  • Social pressure 

Understanding, then facing, these hurdles head on will greatly increase your chances of conquering your addiction. But how? For a lot of people, this looks like taking on the problem in multiple ways. Such as replacing your hand to mouth habit with something else and using supportive medications or natural alternatives to ease withdrawal symptoms. This can help replace the dependence on the oral sensation, hand to mouth habit, and aid in facing social pressure while trying to quit. 

Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal

Everyone reacts to the absence of nicotine differently. Withdrawal symptoms have a wide variance of severity. Let’s take a look at some of the common withdrawal symptoms people experience when quitting nicotine:

  • Appetite: Most people who are quitting notice a spike in appetite. The science behind this is that nicotine affects serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, which both reduce hunger. So when your nicotine levels are reduced or eliminated, people often notice an increase in appetite. 
  • Cravings: Nicotine cravings are commonly the most dreaded element of quitting. Typically lasting 15-20 minutes, they pop up frequently throughout the day with various triggers, such as in social situations or at coffee breaks. These cravings can be all-encompassing, as your mind longs for the habit and stress-easing effects. 
  • Fatigue: Nicotine has strong stimulant effects, so removing it from your daily routines can result in feeling tired or sluggish. For some, they also experience restlessness and insomnia, resulting in a vicious cycle of fatigue. 
  • Constipation: With prolonged use of nicotine, your body becomes reliant on its stimulating effects. An unpleasant repercussion of this is that you may experience intense constipation within the first month or two of quitting as your body adjusts to the absence of this stimulant.
  • Water Retention: Scientific research indicates that smoking may increase your body’s retention of water, causing inflammation and bloating. This is primarily due to the immunity suppressing impacts of smoking.
  • Coughs: smoking and vaping does significant damage to your respiratory system. As your body tries to clean out the residue that smoking and vaping leave, you’ll notice an increase in phlegm and subsequently a significant amount of coughing.
  • Headaches & Mental Fog: concentration is challenging for most while quitting, especially when accompanied by headaches. 
  • Anxiety & Depression: Smoking has been shown to relieve stress. For this reason, when you remove it from your routines, you may find that your feelings of stress, anxiety and depression simultaneously increase. 
  • Quitting with Super Plants

    So why are Super Plants and Füm helpful in quitting? 

    The natural benefits of these plants can directly reduce the negative symptoms of nicotine withdrawal while also replacing the physical habit as you face triggers in your everyday life. 

    Breaking a habit is always easier when replacing it with something better. That’s where the action of Füming comes in. When you use your Füm in place of when you would normally smoke or vape, you can replace the negative habitual action with something that is beneficial. 

    We have formulated Cores with plants that are powerful supporters for quitting. Our White Cranberry Cores are sweet & fruity, and Conquer Cores are cooling & earthy. Both are packed with beneficial plants. 

    Start the process…

    This is why we created the Quit Naturally Pack- featuring a Füm and our most popular Cores for quitting. With Cores designed to ease nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms with varying flavours that can replacing those of smoking like earthy tobacco, menthol, or sweetness. Quit Naturally with the power of Super Plants.

    Füm™ Quit Naturally Pack

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    Hi Sharon,

    Many people have found Füm™ to be a useful tool in their journey to quitting smoking and vaping! With the combination of the habitual action of inhaling slowly through a “pipe” like device along with the benefits of essential oils, many people have been able to quit. It is a great way to replace negative habits with positive habits!

    For more information on quitting with Füm™, you can:

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