Füm™ 1 Year Protection Plan

Concerned about your dog chewing your Füm™ inhaler, or it going through the wash?
Get a free replacement with the purchase with a 1-Year-Protection Plan.
1-Year Füm™ Prominent/Classic/Burl Protection Plan begins upon confirmation of your Füm™ Prominent/Classic/Burl purchase. This protects your Füm™  Prominent/Classic/Burl for 365 days.
Füm™ Prominent/Classic/Burl is exceptionally durable but can be subject to damage. Under this protection plan, receive a one-time replacement Füm™  Prominent/Classic/Burl for failure or damage due to unexpected or accidental damage(Ex. chips, breaks, cracks, scratches, etc...).
  • We guarantee what we sell.
  • Covers Füm™ Prominent/Classic/Burl of any colour.
  • Replacements can be facilitated by emailing your request with your original order number to Connect@breathefum.com or by filling out this form.
What is NOT covered in the 1-Year Füm™ Protection Plan?
  • Loss
  • Common usage Wear & Tear   
  • Theft
  • Füm™ Bulk orders
  • Füm™ Cores


*NOTE: You must choose the correct protection plan for your Füm™. Example: I am purchasing a Füm™ Prominent and a Füm™ Classic, but I only want to protect my Füm™ Prominent. I must ensure I select the "Füm™ Prominent" protection plan when adding to my cart. In this example, ONLY my Füm™ Prominent will be covered. 

*This Protection is only applicable to Füm™ inhalers. Füm™ Cores are not covered under Füm's 1 Year Protection Plan

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