Zero Waste Product- Why We Don't Use Pods

FUM is taking steps towards sustainability by striving to be a zero waste product. 


FUM is passionate about making social change. Each one of the FUM Crew is taking steps to create daily habits for a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, not only for their personal health, but for the world we live in. As a company, we believe our personal values should align with our mission at FUM. For us, this is a part of Redefining Health - creating a sustainable product with zero waste, and protecting the planet, our home.





No Pods- No Waste

Unlike vapes, e-cigarettes or other essential oil pens, we don’t use pods and we don’t use batteries.

With the rising trend of vape, comes the alarming number of pod and battery waste. Pods and e-waste have started to show up on streets and shores, concerning officials on how to deal with the litter that is only part recyclable and part hazardous waste. "They are far more difficult to recycle than regular cigarettes because of the number of components," said Ernel Simpson, global vice president of research and development for TerraCycle.

Even though some companies have a "pod recycling" program, where you can send the pods back to the manufacturer, the pods are not designed to be easily recycled. Pods are a closed system, not designed to be reused and taken apart. Vapes and E-cigarettes have at least five different components - nicotine, plastic, lithium batteries, aluminum and fabric. Each component has to be disassembled and recycled separately.

In fact, most e-cigarette companies don't bother to recycle the hazardous materials at all. As stated on JUUL's website "JUUL pods are closed systems are not indented to be refilled. They can be thrown away in a regular trash can." Furthermore, according to a 2017 Business Insider article, JUUL, the biggest market share in the e-cigarette industry, produces 20 million pods per month. That means, 240 million pods are ending up in landfills, streets and oceans each year. That's only including one e-cigarette company's waste, out of hundreds of providers of e-cigarettes.

If something cannot be recycled, it probably should not be in your body. Even though the pod system is an easy way to refill e-cigarettes and vape pens, the harsh chemicals outweigh the benefits of convenience. FUM inserts are created as a sustainable alternative to the pod system. Inserts can be reused and recycled in your local blue bins. No need to send them back to us to be taken apart. FUM inserts make it easy and greener for you and our planet.


FUM strongly believes that ethically and socially responsible products are vital for our health and our future. FUM exists to empower positive rebels, who Redefine Health by pursuing the definition of the future, today.



No matter where you are in your journey,

Ü are a Positive Rebel.

Thanks for joining us in Redefining Health


Hey Nyck, we recommend changing them every 3 – 7 days and 3 – 4 drops per blank core.

Daniel Ogden December 03, 2019

Hi there!

Ordered a bunch of goodies and recently received. I’ve been on vapes for a couple years now and have been trying alternatives to get off them. Used my first Fum today and really enjoy it since it gives you the satisfaction relieving inhale.

I wanted to ask on average, how long the filters last before you change them out and how do you know when / if to change them out? Also, on average for add liquid to one filter?

Thank you!

Nyck December 03, 2019

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