30-Day Quit Calendar: Introducing Habit Trackers

A healthy life is built on the foundations of positive habits. Habits are the daily rituals in our lives shaping who we are becoming, whether good or bad.

At Füm, we help people quit smoking naturally without harmful chemicals, nicotine, or tobacco. Our Quit Naturally Pack has helped thousands of customers breathe nicotine-free and we’re just getting started. We want to pour everything into helping our customers regain control of their life, so we’ve added a simple habit tracker to our Quit Naturally Pack.

Habit Formation and Quitting Smoking

Is smoking a habit or an addiction? It’s both. 

Nicotine is an incredibly addictive chemical, but the action of using a cigarette is also habitual. It’s a ritual your hand has grown used to, a time of day that feels void without it, and a pre-meal delicacy you may think you can’t go without.

Identifying these triggers is helpful in quitting. But we also know accountability goes a long way. Habits are formed through consistency and accountability.

This is why we’ve updated our Quit Naturally Pack with a 30-day Habit Tracker.


30-Day Habit Tracker for Quitting Smoking

In a pinwheel fashion, the tracker has 30 slots for you to fill in. If you are reducing the quantity of smokes, write the number of cigarettes you had that day each day before bed. If you are attempting to go completely smoke free from day one, fill in the space completely or a check mark, we aren’t your school teacher, so whatever you fancy is fine!

Before you get going, we recommend that you:

  1. Set a Start Date
  2. Tell a Friend
  3. Set a reminder to Track Daily
  4. Bring your Füm with You (it fits in your pocket!)

Whether you feel you succeeded or not (which we know you can!), take a photo of you and your tracker at the end of the 30 days and send it to us at connect@breathefum.com for a special reward!

We want to celebrate with you the journey, regardless of the destination. We are here to support and champion your steps to nicotine-free!

Ready to get started? Purchase the Quit Naturally Pack today and join the 10s of thousands of customers who are quitting smoking naturally today.

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Hey Katie,

We’re sorry to hear the Black Pepper flavor wasn’t enjoyable. We do our very best to optimize for flavor and benefit while only using 100% natural plant oils and no artificial flavors or harmful chemicals. While Black Pepper is a popular Core to aid in quitting smoking, we totally understand that not every Core flavor is for everyone! Plant compounds have complex aromas and tastes and we’re always looking to better optimize the experience and greatly appreciate your feedback :)

Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team about this at connect@breathefum.com. They’d love to assist you further!

Füm™ June 07, 2022

Just got my order and tried out some of the flavors. The black pepper is absolutely disgusting. Why don’t you let people choose the flavors. I never would have picked it. So unhappy. I think I may send it back for a refund.

Katie Sanford June 07, 2022

Hey Sherry,

Great question! A Habit Tracker comes with every Quit Naturally Pack. However, if you already have a Füm™ Inhaler and are not looking to purchase an entire pack again, just reach out to us next time you place an order and we can add one to your order for you!

Füm™ April 05, 2022

I would love to have the Habit Tracker. How can I get this?? I brought the Holiday pack and some extra cores.

Sherry Snyder April 05, 2022

Hey Shoshonna,

Welcome to the Füm™ Family and we’re thrilled you have chosen Füm™ to aid you in your quitting journey!

The Quit Naturally Pack Cores do not come in a set just themselves so they would need to be purchased individually. We do have a “subscribe and save” option which gives you 10% off your Cores and is a great way to ensure you have a constant supply so you never run out.

We’re happy to include a Habit Tracker in your next order, for sure! You can reach out to our customer support team at connect@breathefum.com to request this :)

Füm™ March 14, 2022

I have a fum, but don’t have the cores from the quit naturally pack because I bought a different one. I am trying to quit. Is there a pack with just the core sets or do I need to buy them separately? Would I still be able to get the tracker. I’m only on day 3 with my fum. So far I’m loving it but have found that I won’t be able to use conquer cores around my mom. She can’t stand the smell… win some, lose some.

Shoshonna D Clemons March 14, 2022

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