The Story behind the FUM: How FUM was created

FUM was created to a solution to a problem. Brothers Jaron and Janai would use peppermint essential oil as a natural pre-work out booster. The brothers would place a few drops of peppermint essential oil in their hands, put their hands over their mouths and inhale. They loved the energizing effect of peppermint gave, however having oils on their hands while working out was a mess. To fix this they began putting drops of peppermint onto sections of paper towel and rolling it into a tube and breathing through it. Using paper towel was not ideal, it would get soggy and it looked ridiculous, who wants to be seen with a piece of paper towel hanging out of their mouth?  

They were then joined by their friend Josiah in looking for a better solution and the idea came: what if we created a wooden 'pipe' for use with essential oils?

After experimenting in the woodshop with various designs and researching the toxicity of various woods the guys created the original FÜM designs; the FUM Prominent and FUM Classic, both crafted from Canadian Maple.  

Soon friends began asking "Wow, what is that? Can I try it?" So the guys started to create and sell FÜMs to interested friends. Braeden, Josiah's brother was one of these friends. In the fall of 2017, Braeden joined his brother Josiah, and friends Jaron and Janai and together the 2 sets of brothers decided they wanted to bring the benefits of FUM to the world. 

So in the spring of 2018, at the average age of 22, the 2 sets of brothers (known as the Core Four), quit their day jobs and decided they wanted to build a company dedicated to serving the positive rebels of the world.

Since its launch in April of 2018, the FÜM Family has spread from Canada to over 35 countries globally, and has provided over 15000 meals for children at the Messiah For Kenya Orphanage. The Core Four continue to lead FUM and are excited to be apart of the movement to make more positive change in the world.

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Hey Blaine, thanks for raising your valid concern!

Essential oils are somewhat improperly named. Essential oils are volatile substances—meaning, they evaporate easily in the air. When inhaling, our bodies can absorb the beneficial nutrients of the plants essential oil while exhaling anything the body doesn’t need. This is very different from an insoluble oil that can stick to our lungs like vape juice.

For more information, take a look at this helpful blog article “Are Essential Oils Safe to Breathe?” that contain extra articles/studies surrounding this topic as well :)

Füm™ April 13, 2022

You guys do know that the “vaping epidemic” in the US known as EVALI, which killed 60 people, was caused by inhaling oils right. MCT oil and vitamin E acetate in a THC oil. No oil is safe to inhale. Please share the science proving the safety of this product.

Blaine April 13, 2022

Hi Patrizia!

We’re so thrilled to hear that your son loves it! Thank you for your feedback :) Attaching it to a keychain is a neat idea!

We use 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are intended for aromatherapy/inhalation and are sourced from reputable brands that work directly with the farms where the plants are grown and essential oils are made.

Due to legalities with our partnership with suppliers, we do not disclose the names of our suppliers for our products. We use the same quality standards as other high quality brands to ensure that the oils we are using are not diluted, impure, or grown with the use of chemicals.

Füm™ January 20, 2022

Purchased this product for my son in December of 2020. He LOVES it! It has helped him reduce his smoking habits by quite a lot without stressing about reducing because the oils calm him down.
I love that this is a Canadian product and that you are using part of the profits to help donate meals to orphans and that you bring transparency to how much our purchase has contributed to that.

Like others have commented, we would like to find information on the source of the oils and the safety to inhale.

The one improvement my son would make to it would be to figure out how to attach it to a key chain so that he does not loose it all the time :)

So much giving and healing power in such a simple and small product! Bravo!

patrizia marziali January 20, 2022

They aren’t really essential oils if it’s not safe to inhale. I use Young Living and Doterra and they are safe to inhale. I also use them in a diffuser.

Teresa December 23, 2020

I would like to know what brand of essential oils you are using. Not all brands are created equal. I won’t purchase until I know because inhaling should only be done with pure, quality tested oils.

Daedra November 30, 2020

Where are you acquiring the essential oils you are using

Heather Bailey August 05, 2020

Hi Austin,

Before using any Essential Oil to inhale, read the label and it will say ‘Safe to Inhale.’ If it does not say that, please do not use with your FUM.

FUM July 09, 2020

Hi Sherrie, Tammy and Lori,

We are a Canadian company and all of our products are manufactured in in Canada. We offer CAD, USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, and SGD, on our website. As 80% of our customers are from the United States, the default currency is USD. The currency can be switched on our website through the currency dropdown menu (located in top right corner on desktop and at the bottom of the side menu on mobile).

FUM July 09, 2020

Hi Karen,

We are a fully Canadian company. We offer CAD, USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, and SGD, on our website. As 80% of our customers are from the United States, the default currency is USD. The currency can be switched on our website through the currency dropdown menu (located in top right corner on desktop and at the bottom of the side menu on mobile).

FUM July 09, 2020

Is this okay for my health? I feel like smoking a candle is not good. I use essential oil in a diffuser all the time but on the instructions it says, “Do not inhale directly.” Should i buy the fum.

Austin s July 09, 2020

Hi. I went to placed an order believing I was ordering a Canadian product from Canada. I had over $200 in my cart ready to place my order when I noticed I would be charged USD funds, which means my now $200 order is more likely $300 plus taxes etc.

Is this not a Canadian company, based out of Canada??
I refuse to finish my order on the fact something is not right here.
I expected to be ordering from a Canadian company in Canadian funds, supporting my fellow Canadians.

Please clarify as I think this product is well thought out and and ingenious.

Please help with this confusion.

Thank you
Sherrie D

Sherrie Ducheno July 09, 2020

Just got my first two today; one for me and one for my youngest son who has asthma. I had some YL oils inserted and tried it out as soon as I got in the house! Thanks, guys!!

Kristin July 09, 2020

Yikes, prices in USD?!?!?! I live in the same province, seems very unfair to have to pay in USD for a proudly Canadian company,

Tammy July 09, 2020

Where are these manufactured?

Lori Prude July 09, 2020

Hi. I placed an order solely because I thought I was ordering a Canadian product and when I got to the final checkout, the prices I was looking at were in American funds and so my end price ended up being higher than expected.

Are you a Canadian 🇨🇦 Company? Did I miss something on your site to order in Canadian funds? I didn’t complete my order when I saw the American funds. I have nothing against USA, but I am trying as much as possible to support and promote Canadian business.

I think the product is very well thought out but could you confirm that I would be ordering a Canadian product and it will be coming from Canada.

Thank you very much.

Karen MCC

Karen McCagherty June 16, 2020

What material are the cores made from?

Sandra April 15, 2020

My Intro to Chemical Dependency Instructor suggested these products because she also suggests them for her private clients in order to help them quite smoking. My mother smokes and I’m hoping she’ll try this and possible finally we’ll have a break through and she’ll stop smoking. She’s a stubborn old bird but I’m hopeful…so Stay tuned. Thanks gentleman.

Kind Regards,

Delia December 03, 2019

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For what seems to be a simple idea, is a genius product. I tend to fidget and/or have a bit of an oral fixation especially during the work day. Very happy with it.

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I absolutely love my Füm. The packaging is sustainable! The website give amazing information and the shipping was much faster than I anticipated! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

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Awesome product! I haven’t had a cigarette or vaped since I started replacing my habit with my FÜM! :)

Laura W.


FUM has helped my husband successfully quit smoking!! It worked! We are so grateful!

Clarissa O.


Absolutely love my Füm!