Supporting Your Respiratory System with FUM


Supporting Your Respiratory System with FUM

As respiratory issues rise, many affected individuals are experiencing respiratory distress; coughing, difficulty breathing, sinus impairments, etc. Through this time, it is important to promote healthy lung support and practice safe breathing techniques. 

While virus cases continue to expand around the world, FUM is encouraging the practice of safe respiratory therapy and empowers individuals to utilize the benefits of essential oils. Although there are many different uses for essential oils, one of the most common uses is to improve respiratory function. FUM is a way to support your respiratory system everywhere you go with essential oils.

Start Using FUM with Essential Oils

There are two specific essential oils that FUM recommends for respiratory support:

Peppermint Essential Oil: Peppermint essential oil is the most common essential oil to improve an individual's breathing. This oil is used to decrease congestion in the respiratory system, reduce inflammation, and for clearing sinuses. A study in 2013 indicated that peppermint oil relaxes the windpipe, enabling better breathing rhythms. Peppermint Cores are an effective way to utilize this essential oil with FUM and support the respiratory system. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus oil can reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and can mitigate muscle tension. This oil is a popular oil to suppress a cough and decrease congestion. Eucalyptus essential oil reacts positively with mucous membranes to reduce mucus, clearing airways in the respiratory system. Eucalyptus cores enable individuals to experience better breathing habits while using their FUM. 

We recommend only using 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that are indicated for inhalation with your FUM. You can get FUM Cores here

Breathing Techniques

Proper breathing techniques can be a huge benefit to one’s respiratory system and could be an excellent way to alleviate stress and anxiety. Deep breathing can be especially impactful to promote relaxation, and effective blood flow within the body. To breathe deeply, an individual must breathe in through their nose and fully fill their abdomen with air. This promotes full oxygen exchange and does not limit the diaphragm’s ability to expand.

You can check out more information about breathing techniques and exercises from Harvard Health here.

Going Forward

FUM is advocating for healthy lifestyles and better breathing techniques during COVID-19. We want to enable individuals to create positive habits by utilizing the benefits of essential oils wherever you go. During this time, it is especially important to be conscious of ways to improve your health and we want to help! FUM is dedicated to supporting the FUM family and will continue to share information on ways to promote a healthy lifestyle.


 ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kirsten is passionate about supporting people to make healthy choices. As a Liscensed Nurse in Canada, Kirsten works to care for others in all she does.
Hannah Pauls Health Researcher at FUM  ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hannah is passionate about helping people live better lives. Trained in nursing, Hannah finds great joy in seeing others create positive habits.




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Hi Sarah,

We are not medical professionals, so we are unable to definitively say the safety of using essential oils for children. We recommend looking into the safety of inhalation and children for each individual essential oil before using it in your FUM. Please follow the guidelines for each essential oil in regard to children and consult your doctor.
FUM July 09, 2020

Is Füm safe for kids 6 and up to help with respiratory issues?!?

Sarah Smith July 09, 2020

Hu what is the core made from? is it organic materials? thanks

Theresa April 08, 2020

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