Good Morning Routines- Start Your Day Off Right

It's a season full of of new things. From starting classes yourself or coming off of  summer vacation to sending your kids off to school, September is a time of change. Getting into a new season can be hard, but what better way to build a new normal than to establish some good morning routines?

Here are a few ways we at FUM optimize our morning routines.

  1. Leave Your Phone Out of Reach.

A really simple habit that improves my morning is that I always leave my phone plugged out of arm's reach while sleeping. My reasons for this are twofold: I don't like the idea of my sleep being disturbed by messages or dings, and in the morning I want to make sure that I have to get up and walk to my alarm before turning it off. When I'm in the halfway stage between sleep and awake it is so tempting for me to reach for my phone when I hear a ding or buzz. Keeping my phone out of arms distance is also important for me because it forces me to walk and leave the warm coziness of the horizontal position before turning off my alarm. This helps me eliminate cycles of pressing snooze and get my day started when I’d planned.


     2. Wake Up On Time.

I know for me it’s so easy to set five alarms to wake up in the morning. When I say to myself "I'm getting up at 6:30" and then sleep through like 20 alarms, it starts my day off real crappy. But when I say the night before, “I'm getting up at 6:30” and follow through on it, I wake up ready to take on the day, refreshed and ready to conquer. It’s the mentality switch that gives me that boost. Instead of just letting my day start whenever, I make the decision to control when my day starts.  


  1. Make Your Bed.

I find that the simple task of making my bed gives me a feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning. It sets me on the path towards accomplishing more. As well, it brings a level of order into my life which I enjoy.  An added perk of this is it is also super nice after a long day of work to come home to a properly made bed.

-Jaron -


  1. Wait Until You’re Hungry to Eat.

Although this is more of a guideline, I find that instead of eating just because it is "time to eat", I'll wait until I am hungry and my body actually wants food. This helps me feel more energized and less lethargic and "weighed down" from a meal that my body may not have needed. This doesn't mean a strict no-snack-or-food-until-you-are-starving-diet, but I find that it is a good guideline that helps me feel better in the morning.


As apart of our mission to Redefine Health we are doing our best to improve your life. We'd love to hear from you on what you do for your morning routine and, if you implement them, how these tips work for you. :) Drop us an email or comment, it makes our day.  

Cheers to health and even better mornings!



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