Special Edition Füm™ 2020 Holiday Pack

It’s mid December, a fire crackles and pops in the fireplace. The sweet aroma of fresh gingerbread cookies drifts in from the kitchen as you sip a warm cup of hot cocoa, cozied up with a fluffy blanket. Laughter and chatter from your family fill the room. Sparkling lights and cheery decor litter the room, making everyone feel closer somehow. Your heart is full and happy. This is the holiday season. 

Warm fires, chestnuts roasting, gingerbread baking, and treetops glistening are just a few of our favourite things when it comes to the holidays. By no happenstance, the holidays carry with them cheery decor, cozy feels, and smells that warm the hardest of hearts

In an effort to capture the cozy feelings of the holidays, we are excited to introduce the Special Edition 2020 Holiday Box! Filled with the nostalgic, reminiscent flavours of the holidays, this box is a way to bring holiday cheer with you everywhere.

Füm™ Burl

First up in your Holiday Box is our newly-released Fum™ Burl. The Füm™ Burl, though in the same shape and design as our Fum™ Prominent brings with it a whole lot of story. Burl Maple has unique, beautiful and dark wood grains that are formed by the tree enduring difficult conditions. {Read more on the Burl Story}

Cozy Chai Cores

The cozy feeling of curling up by the fireplace with a steamy, sweet chai latte. An all-time favorite, we we made it better and brought it back.

    • A warm, sweet blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange that speaks comfort

Gingerbread Cores

Building off the reminiscent flavor and smell of your childhood gingerbread house. Gingerbread Cores are light, warm, and comforting.

    • Ginger and cinnamon combined with hints of vanilla in this reminiscent blend

Candy Cane Cores

Fum™ with Candy Cane Cores is the perfect pairing with a cup of hot cocoa on a brisk winter day.

    • A smooth and sweet twist to classic mint candy canes, with a hint of woodsy back notes

Pumpkin Spice Cores

A Less than basic Core for us basic folk. Reminiscent of the classic fall and thanksgiving Pumpkin Spice latte.

    • A full blend of sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla.


Each of these Cores Packs have been developed and tested by our product *cough* elves *cough* development team to bring together the best Christmas smells and feelings into your Fum™. 


Putting a Bow On It

Whether for yourself or for a loved one, every purchase of the Fum™ 2020 Holiday Box also helps to feed 6 kids in the Messiah for Kenya Orphanage. We believe in giving back where we can to leave a positive impact on the world. {Read more on the M4K Orphanage initiative}


The holiday’s are a time of celebration, gathering, and smells that ease us into a deep and relaxing joy. Pick up your Fum™ 2020 Holiday Box and take the holidays with you. Quantities are limited, and the box is only available for the 2020 Holiday season.

Only 800 available for purchase

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