Spark Motivation with Aromatherapy

Knowing what we should do is only the first step in working towards positive change.  Knowing how you are going to start moving forward is the next step. This is where we get stuck. 

Finding the motivation to accomplish our goals can be both challenging and intimidating. We all struggle with this. It’s hard to feel excited and motivated with the simplest things. Whether walking the dog, making dinner, or getting started on that project, the biggest hurdle between you and success is JUST STARTING. 

Here’s the secret: sometimes we need a little support! Just because you don’t have the motivation this very second doesn’t mean you can’t find it.  Aromatherapy is an incredible tool for boosting your energy and cultivating joy and motivation- transforming your mindset to tackle the daily actions in your life that propel you towards positive change. 

Citrus Super Plants

The zesty compounds of citrusy plants are a great way to ignite energy. Citrus plants are known for their refreshing and energizing compounds. This is why they are often used in cleaning products- they naturally are associated with freshness, motivation and cleanliness. Lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit are all fantastic citrusy superplants. The fresh, tangy, and light aroma feel like a bit of happy bliss. 

Menthol Super Plants

Plants that contain the menthol compound are great for building up motivation. Here’s why: menthol opens up your airways, allowing you to bring in more oxygen with each breath. This increased flow of oxygen energizes your brain. Another element that makes them a great tool for getting yourself hyped up is the cooling sensation. When used in aromatherapy, super plants containing menthol feel like a refreshing breeze. They feel like a refreshing breeze. Some plants that contain menthol include Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

Now, when combining  citrus and menthol something special happens! A refreshing and zesty energy boost takes place, all from the benefits of super plants! We designed our Bubbly Lime Cores specifically with this in mind. They ignite energy, motivation, and joy through their citrus and menthol elements! 

Are you ready to go tackle life head-on with aromatherapy?



The best way to get the benefits of these super plants is through aromatherapy. Why? Using superplants with Füm allows your body to absorb the benefits of these plants easily.  Air carries the aromatic molecules of the plants through your mouth and out of your nose. This brings them past receptors in your olfactory system, where they are absorbed and quickly utilized throughout your body! It’s as simple as that.

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