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Are you trying to quit smoking? Or do you know someone who is trying to quit smoking?


With an estimated 1.1 billion smokers in the world, chances are you are in contact regularly with someone who is affected by smoking. While the negative effects of smoking are known by most people, why is the prevalence of smoking still so high? Because quitting is hard! The combination of physical dependence on nicotine, rigid nature of habitual behaviors and the use of smoking as an emotional coping mechanism make quitting a complicated and difficult endeavour.


According to the World Health Organization 7 Million People Die annually from smoking related illnesses. 

At FÜM we are eager to aid as many people as possible in quitting smoking and improving their quality and length of life.  We are excited about the potential of Black Pepper Oil used together with FÜM to help you naturally combat nicotine cravings and give freedom not only from smoking but from nicotine smoking alternatives such as vaping


Studies have shown that Black pepper Essential Oil can help reduce cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Clinical studies recommend that respiratory tract sensations are important in mitigating smoking withdrawal symptoms. When inhaled, black pepper oil helps mimic the respiratory tract sensation of smoking, while providing a unique taste alternative to cigarettes. One study of individuals quitting smoking revealed that those who inhaled black pepper had significantly reduced withdrawals symptoms than those who did not. 

As well Black Pepper can help with increased blood circulation and heart health as it causes a warming sensation, bringing increased blood flow to a region. The warming attributes of Black Pepper can help to mimic the sensation of smoking.



The habit of smoking is not only reinforced by a dependence on nicotine, but also in the physical actions associated with smoking. A common theme for those quitting smoking is the desire to have a physical alternative to hold in the hands and feel on the lips in replacement of a cigarette. FÜM can be that alternative, an object that directly replaces a cigarette in the moments where 'having a smoke' was the normal.

Using a FÜM together with Black Pepper is the intersection of these two veins; a physical replacement for a cigarette as well as a boost against nicotine cravings with Black Pepper Essential Oil. We hope this can be a useful tool for those who are desiring to be free from smoking.We are not claiming that this is a miracle cure for quitting smoking, there is no such thing, but we are excited to offer FÜM as a tool to improve your odds in quitting smoking.

Here's some feedback we have heard from the FÜM Fam:

"Loving mine guys 👌🏻 after 6 years of smoking and 6 years of vaping I finally gave it all up and this really helps"
"I received my FUM pipe 2 days before I started to quit smoking which was October 1st of this year. It has been an absolute lifesaver. This is the only thing I have to puff on, but man does it work."
"I bought this for my daughter to help her stop smoking. She says it has helped her. She has only used Black Pepper and it is helping her to curve her habit. Thank Y'all."
At FÜM we are excited for the chance to be apart of enhancing your healthy lifestyle and helping you go nicotine free!


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Braeden is beyond grateful to be able to be apart of FUM movement and to work on things he is passionate about. He graduated with a degree in Psychology from Briercrest College and is excited to empower people with FUM.



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