Invigorate Cores: Plants that Charge Your Workout

Looking for a natural way to bring your workout to the next level? Aromatherapy is a great natural option you may not have explored yet. Whether you are looking to improve your breathing, boost your motivation, find energy, or decrease post-workout fatigue and aches, super plants are a natural way to optimize your exercise. 

How Aromatherapy Works 

Aromatherapy, the act of breathing the benefits of plant aromas, is the fastest way for your body to get the benefits of plants. Through receptors in your olfactory system, your body absorbs the aromatic molecules of super plants. 

Füm makes this process of aromatherapy simple, safe, and portable. By breathing in through your mouth with your Füm natural inhaler, air passes by your Core and the benefits hit receptors in your nose and mouth- without any vapour or smoke. The benefits of the plants are then absorbed and utilized throughout your entire body. 

Plants For Next-Level Workouts 

There are super plants that are effective in boosting physical performance during exercise. Here’s some of our favorites:


A plant known to energize, uplift your mood and increase motivation

Eucalyptus Globulus & Eucalyptus Radiata

Two variants of eucalyptus that are both known to be an effective decongestant, opening airways and improving oxygenation. The primary difference between the two is their flavor, with Eucalyptus Radiata being tangy and sweet, and Eucalyptus Globulus being sharper and more woodsy.


Grapefruit is known to boost energy and mood. It’s known to also be an effective anti-inflammatory, which can ease body fatigue after exercise. 


Lime, another plant in the citrus family, has similar effects to grapefruit. It is energizing, mood boosting, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Peppermint is the most common plant used in aromatherapy for exercise.  It’s a great decongestive that opens airways promoting better oxygenation. Better oxygenation during exercise is known to improve endurance and aid in post-workout recovery. 

Learn more about Oxygenation in Exercise


A plant known for its calming and soothing effects, this plant is helpful for increasing focus and in post-workout recovery. 


Although a very different flavor, Cedarwood has similar effects to Lavender, as it is known to be calming, soothing, and to increase focus. 


Similar in flavor to cinnamon, ocotea is naturally great for increasing focus and motivation.


A plant known to ease pain and muscle fatigue throughout exercise and post-workout recovery.  

Get Started! 

The fastest, most effective way to utilize the benefits of plants is through aromatherapy with Füm™. Fum is the natural aromatherapy inhaler, allowing you to take the benefits of these super plants on-the-go! On a hike, drive, and even in the gym!

No matter the activity, aromatherapy can be an excellent companion. This combination of plants and their natural properties help to open airways allowing for a higher oxygen intake, charging your entire body for increased physical performance. 

This is why we formulated the Invigorate Cores with all of these super plants! Invigorate is best used with your workouts and exercise routines for optimal physical performance. Naturally boost your physical performance with the tasty benefits of super plants. A flavor bursting with minty-ness, with background hints of sweet candy. 

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