What makes FUM different from JUUL or any other e-cigarette?


1. Vaping Juice Contains Alarming Levels of Nicotine and Encourages Addiction

Delivers higher concentrations of nicotine than other e-cigarettes and cigarettes. One 12ml bottle of vape juice contains more nicotine than 60 cigarettes. Which makes vaping more addictive than smoking. Nicotine not only aids addictive behaviours, but also decreases brain development, can increase depression, anxiety and interferes with brain connection and impulse control. 

"It [E-cigarettes] is not replacing cigarette smoking but rather encouraging it: A study found that non-smoking adults were four times more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes after only 18 months of vaping" - The American Journal of Medicine 


2. Destroys Health 

Studies reveal that exposure to the vaping/e-cigarettes fluid increases cell death as it produces 50% more oxygen free radicals than the normal lung. Free radicals are abnormal cell reproduction that have the potential to damage cells. The exposure to Vape fluid also decreases the body's ability to fight off bacteria.


3. Manufactured From Harsh Chemicals

Vape pens and cartridges contain 4,000 chemicals like formaldehyde (which is contained in glue and embalming fluid), Diacetyl (which causes lung disease), Benzene (which is a carcinogen linked to Leukemia), and mental particles are even found in the vapor fluid.  


Harms of Vapping


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Hello Megha,

There is no nicotine in our Füm™ Cores. We only use high quality, pure, 100% therapeutic essential oils that are intended for inhalation/aromatherapy in our Cores.

However, we are not medical professionals, so we are unable to definitively say the safety of using essential oils during pregnancy. We recommend looking into the safety of inhalation and pregnancy for each individual essential oil before using. Please follow the guidelines for each essential oil in regard to pregnancy and consult your doctor.

Füm™ August 09, 2021

Can pregnant women use this ? Or does it have nicotine?

Megha Patel August 09, 2021

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J W.


I Love the feeling it gives me.


Completed 30 Day Smoke/Vape Free Challenge!

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For what seems to be a simple idea, is a genius product. I tend to fidget and/or have a bit of an oral fixation especially during the work day. Very happy with it.

Samantha S.


I absolutely love my Füm. The packaging is sustainable! The website give amazing information and the shipping was much faster than I anticipated! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

Miranda H.


I cannot recommend Füm enough. Not only are the products high quality, customer service is on point. Way above and beyond my expectations! I have no reservations about being a repeat customer for life! Thank you, Füm!

Melissa L.


Awesome product! I haven’t had a cigarette or vaped since I started replacing my habit with my FÜM! :)

Laura W.


FUM has helped my husband successfully quit smoking!! It worked! We are so grateful!

Clarissa O.


Absolutely love my Füm!