How Füm™ Cores are Made

We want to invite you into our process for formulating our incredibly tasty and beneficial Cores. Here’s how we do it:


When beginning the process of formulating, the first thing we look at is the problem we are seeking to solve. 

These three questions guide our direction:

  • What positive habit are we reinforcing?
  • What would make that habit simpler?
  • What ways can Fum™ can support it?

After answering these questions, we have a fairly clear picture if we can support the habit through Fum™.


 Case Study: Conquer Cores

On January 1, 2021, we are launching our new Conquer Cores. These

Cores are designed to help you kick your cravings and create positive

habits with a fun, and uplifting, aroma. Here’s how we came up with them:

What is the positive habit are we reinforcing? 

- We want to help people live free from addiction

and their unwanted cravings. 

What would make this habit simpler? 

- A natural and non-addictive replacement that mimics

the feel and curbs the cravings, yet promotes better breathing.

What ways can Fum™ support this habit?

- Fum™ is naturally similar in feel to a cigarette due to its shape

and functional similarity as a breathing apparatus. A fundamental

key in replacement therapy.

- Through essential oils known for busting cravings: nicotine, sugar, etc.

- This Core will be used throughout the day, whenever cravings hit,

so it will need to be a gentle flavor that does not clash with other smells

and flavors throughout the day.An overall uplifting aroma that serves as

a mood booster--positivity is important for habit formation.


After identifying the purpose, we dive deep into researching the components of plants that are known to have benefits for that purpose. Through this process of research, we identify which essential oils we will want as major elements of the blend. 


The second principle we look at is experience. This process is all about finding what taste and experience we are looking for in the Core. Will it be cool, spicy, earthy, floral, sweet, full, mild, etc.? What about the feel? Sharp, bold, smooth, warm, etc. We segment the elements that we want to integrate into the flavor


The last principle we focus on is balance. The balance between experience and purpose. 

As Füm is an aromatherapy tool, we look at how different essential oils  accomplish the purpose while tasting and feeling great. 

We look at the safe dosage of each effective essential oil and how they interact with the other oils in the blend; identifying the essential oils that will be the primary focus and the potential oils that could be used to contribute taste, feel, and smell. Drawing from research, experience of others, and our own developmental research, we predict the essential oils that we will want in the blend.

We run through many different combinations and ratios with the oils that we have identified as being the right purpose and experience for the blend. This process takes time, as we test and evaluate the effectiveness and flavor of each combination. 

While we are looking for the perfect combination, we look at the three levels of the taste: 

  • High notes: the flavor you taste first, and fades the quickest
  • Middle notes: the flavors that accentuate the high and base notes. These notes are typically more about sensation than taste.
  • Base notes: the flavors that linger the longest in your mouth. These notes are deep and often not directly perceived, but add the fullness of a Core flavor. 

Ratios are huge in this process! The amount of each essential oil in the blend influences its place as a high, middle or base note. The effectiveness of the Core is also linked to the ratios of each oil in the blend, so we have to find the perfect balance of the essential oil’s purpose and flavor to make the best blend. 


After lots of testing and research, we land on a blend to introduce to the Füm™ Family. The final result is a full flavor with effective benefits in a new Core blend!

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Find out which super-plants
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Find out which super-plants will be most beneficial to you!

Find out which super-plants
will be most beneficial to you!

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Find out which super-plants will
be most beneficial to you!


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