FÜM's Health Standards (COVID-19 Update)

FUM exists to empower others to create positive habits. In this mission, FUM creates products with high-quality standards and production practices. We are always working to create the best products we can for the FUM Family. In light of the recent spread of COVID-19, we are encouraged to know that our standards are already in place to continue to provide the quality products we are known for. 

Manufacturing Cleanliness

FUM has our own manufacturing facility in Alberta, Canada. In this facility, we are able to closely manage the production of all FUM products. Ongoing, we have strictly enforced cleanliness standards. These standards include:

  • Mandatory handwashing whenever someone is entering/exiting the Manufacturing Facility
  • Mandatory use of gloves and masks when directly handling products
  • Regular sanitation of Manufacturing Facility and the FUM Shipping Fulfillment Centre 

Quality Checking

Our manufacturing undergoes consistent quality checking by the FUM Crew. To maintain quality, FUM ensures that: 

  • All products are manufactured in Alberta, Canada. 
  • Our products are manufactured in small batches to maintain consistent quality standards
  • Each product is individually checked for quality assurance before packaging, and again before shipping
  • Our FUMs are tested for strength, durability, and quality finishing on the wood
  • Our FUM Cores are tested for consistency of essential oil per Core, proper seal of packaging, and high-quality Cores materials.

Sustainable Materials

Materials for manufacturing FUM products are consciously sourced for sustainability and quality. 

  • Our FUMs are made with locally sourced, 100% Canadian maple wood
  • FUMs are finished with a food-safe natural finish
  • All FUM Cores are 100% recyclable and created with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils 

We pride ourselves in having full transparency with our FUM Family about how our products are created and the actions we take to deliver effective products to you! These standards are ongoing. If you have further questions, please contact us via email connect@breathefum.com.





Hi Joan,

Füm™ Cores are made out of polyester intended specifically for aromatherapy use with essential oils. They are created to allow air to flow through them while holding the essential oil and allowing the aromatic properties of the essential oils to pass through with the air. The aromatic properties of the essential oils are then delivered directly to the receptors in your olfactory system. They do not affect the effectiveness of the essential oils.

While cotton is preferred to polyester it’s often bleached and not organic. Füm™ is looking to upgrade our cores to a more natural material in the near future.

Füm™ January 03, 2022

What are the cores made of? I’m looking for what the fibre is in the core. I’m hoping it’s cotton or something natural unbleached organic… But I’d like to know if it’s synthetic. Thank you

Joan January 03, 2022

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Find out which super-plants
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Find out which super-plants will
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