Working Out with Essential Oils

We teamed up with Former Duke Football Athlete, Fitness Trainer, and Founder of Oil Fit, Johnny Williams. Johnny has been very fortunate to compete against some of the best athletes in the world and has had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the best life coaches. With the help from these experts, Johnny has gained the knowledge of what it takes to maintain optimal physical fitness and sustain the course of health development. So what's the secret to his success?

Hard Work & Essential Oils  


working out with essential oils


Imagine knowing what the body craves from every experience it encounters. What fuels the movements of every great physique, and what keeps a gym goer transfixed. Essential oils (EOs) complement fitness in many ways—and it’s a game changer for anyone who takes advantage of their uses.


The day I used Young Living Essential Oil products for my fitness, was the day I knew my fitness experience had become unique. Have you ever felt like you would do anything to have more of something you enjoyed? Well that day Peppermint essential oil brought a sensation I would never forget. Its smell instantly captivated my senses. After several minutes of application, I felt a burst of energy I had never felt before. My focus became clearer and I was thrilled to tackle my workout for the day, but let’s step back for a second.


I first learned about using Peppermint for exercise performance when my wife, Victoria shared an essential oil blend called “Breathe Again.” At that time I had never heard of essential oils or their benefits. However, soon enough I came to know the respiratory benefits of this blend after I gained an instant up in cardio. It was packed with fitness enhancing properties like Peppermint, Myrtle, Copaiba and four different types of Eucalyptus Blue-to help the respiratory system and create a powerful, invigorating experience. In addition to learning about this oil, Victoria’s mother Thania began to share with me the 20 year adventure she’s had with EOs and how they’ve impacted her life. After I gained my so called “EO Degree” from the Thania Webb’s University, I knew my essential purpose was to share the benefits and takeaways from using EOs for both fitness and overall wellness.


Every essential oil has its purpose. I’ve used essential oils in my fitness regimen for several years now and I can promise you that they are what they are hyped up to be. They’ve supplied an immense amount of support to both my time in and out of the gym. When I use EOs in the gym I can sense the difference in my mental and physical performance, which shows they are very versatile in their approach. Did you know that essentials oils have been used as folk remedies for centuries? So why has there been an epidemic revive in recent decades? The answer lies within the historical accounts and progression of Young Living Essential Oils as a company. Powered by the pioneer D. Gary Young and his wife Mary, Young Living has become the top essential oil provider in the world, and for good reason. Their Seed to Seal promise provides the best care to reach your personal fitness and wellness goals. Cultivated in delicate environments, each essential oil is proved through the standards of Young Living’s Global Compliance and sourcing protocols to ensure their promise is met. After researching their methods of production I was excited to know the tale of processes provided by this company. I knew that I could reap results without the use of harmful, synthetic, adulterated or unethical sources. This was a game changer for myself and for the history of EOs. It’s not only right to grant Young Living Essential Oils for giving history a future but to realize that this company intends for its members to live above the wellness line.



So what are the benefits of using EOs for fitness and how do you use them to ensure you reap the best results?


First let’s talk application and the basics of EOs. EOs are aromatic compounds and volatile liquids that are carefully extracted through steam distillation, resin tapping and cold pressing. EOs are fat soluble and can quickly penetrate skin tissue. With over 3,000 compounds identified, they been shown to boost cognitive ability, exercise performance and support overall health. Did you know it takes seconds for an essential oil molecule to be recognized in your mouth after applied to your chin? Try it with Lavender! It will blow your mind and have you screaming “Hallelujah!”


Essential oil penetration starts with sensory receptors that are located throughout your body. Anytime you inhale or massage essential oils onto your skin, these receptors gather electrical signals to communicate with your brain. No wonder my first experience with essential oils hit me with such surprise! When inhaled, these essential oils run through the nasal cavity and olfactory bulb, which can impact the brain in ways you can only imagine! As these aromatics follow their protocols through the limbic system, a trail of neuro components purpose to deliver a relaxing and stimulating effect depending on which EO you choose to use. The bioavailability of EOs is incredible and when they enter the bloodstream they can have an instant effect on the entire body. As your body absorbs, distributes and metabolizes these aromatics, there are different metabolites sourced from the central cite of the liver that have been found to be biologically active and render their own affects.


There are 3 ways to use these bottled remedies to ensure you see the best results; they are aromatic, topical and internal. Depending on which EO you choose to use, will determine the outcome of the application process. Take Peppermint essential oil for example, it is packed with wild molecules that give the body and energizing response. It’s my favorite essential oil. Peppermint EO has been shown to boost grip force (36%), standing vertical jump (7%) and the broad jump (6.4%) while promoting higher energy output and advanced respiratory flow rate.This EO is great for muscle stimulation and muscle recovery, and has been a top performer in elevating mental agility during fitness sessions. During my fitness sessions, I simply inhale EOs with my FÜM, apply this EO topically to my area of concentration, or place a drop or two in my water (Peppermint Vitality), to promote higher energy output.




Applying these compounds pre, intra and post workout are vital to their capabilities and your results. Energy boosting oils like Lemongrass, R.C., Peppermint, Breathe Again, Frankincense, and a few others have been some of my go to EOs in many cases. There are so many EOs to choose from, it’s important to explore what works best for you. If you are new to the EO community or new to using essential oils for fitness, I recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit (PSK). Check out Oil Fit's website for more info on how I use PSK for my workout regime.


To show you how important this is for your fitness, let's look at the role of free radicals. Free radicals are killer molecules known to come from overly processed foods, air pollution, dietary toxins, excess sugar and alcohol intake, and even sunburns. These molecules are also produced during exercise which can affect optimal recovery if not balanced with antioxidants. It’s important to note that antioxidants provide a mitigating effect to help balance the production of free radicals. In turn, Ningxia Red provides a whole body source of antioxidants also known as “exogenous antioxidants” that contribute to optimal cell function (LINK).Using essential oils and infused supplements are just the beginning to amplifying your fitness experience. I’ve come to love how these essential additives have complimented my lifestyle and I know they can do the same for you.


Young Living Essential Oils has given the wellness community a plethora of choices to enhance their fitness experience. It’s up to us to take advantage of their benefits and enjoy the process. I believe that the future study of fitness and essential oils will render more techniques and practices of their uses to reach the entirety of they have to offer. In duration, there is much yet to understand as the world of EOs rises in the fitness industry, I continue a perspective of gratitude for the history and future of essential oil usage within the fitness world, and their capabilities to always help you leave the gym better than you found it.


FÜM Collab, Oil Fit Founder 



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