Combat Seasonal Allergies with Aromatherapy

Allergy symptoms cause a lot of discomforts which can be frustrating, exhausting, and challenging to manage. But why do they happen in the first place?

Most seasonal allergies are caused by trees, grasses, weeds, pollen, and dust. Many factors play into what exactly is causing an individual’s seasonal allergies- such as where you live, the plants that are native to your area, the type of agriculture in your area, and when spring begins. There are, however, general causes of allergies for the seasons. 

What are Seasonal Allergies

In short, seasonal allergy symptoms typically erupt due to airborne particles that irritate your immune system, such as pollen or dust that occurs in spring. The pollen in the air enters our body as we breathe, and our immune system recognizes it as an “invader,”  like bacteria or viruses, and launches an immune response—this immunity response results in the symptoms of allergies. 

Seasonal allergy symptoms typically erupt due to airborne particles that irritate your immune system, such as pollen or dust


Through Spring to Fall, people with seasonal allergies (also called “Hay Fever”) typically experience an array of annoying allergy-related symptoms. These symptoms include: 

  • Sneezing 
  • Coughing
  • Watery or itchy eyes
  • Sore or itchy-feeling throat
  • Runny nose
  • Headaches
  • Trouble breathing


Allergy symptoms typically occur in response to different plants in different seasons. Due to varying triggers for different people, some people may only have allergies in early spring and not later. While others have them throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It all depends on your immune system and what your body reacts to. The pollens that usually cause irritation in their season are: 

Spring: Typically, trees are the main culprits for seasonal allergies in spring as they are some of the first plants to sprout new growth after winter and release pollen. Birch, Elm, Oak, Cedar, Poplar, Alder, and Ash trees are commonly the cause of spring allergies.

Summer: The primary cause of summer allergies is grasses. This is where the traditional name for seasonal allergies, “Hay Fever,” got its name. Summertime is when grasses are harvested for hay, as they have fully matured and are releasing their pollen. In agricultural areas, this means summer allergies can be very severe, as the pollen is not only being released but is also being disturbed and distributed with the process of harvesting the grass for hay. 

Fall: Ragweed is the primary culprit for allergies in the fall. With over 40 species of Ragweed around the world, this plant drops its pollen at the end of the summer season and into fall. Other plants that drop their pollen in the fall are Nettles, thistles, and some grasses.

While pollen is generally the primary cause of allergies, other irritants can trigger these symptoms that are encompassed in seasonal allergies. Some of these other irritants are: 

    • Mold that is more prevalent due to favourable conditions (moisture and warmth)
    • Smoke from campfires, forest fires, etc.
    • Animal Hair is present in the air more than usual in the early spring and summer months, as they shed their winter coats. 


These symptoms are kind of pesky and annoying, especially in our current world. Nobody wants to be walking around coughing and sneezing! Often, seasonal allergies are treated with antihistamines, nasal sprays, and decongestants. However, unique super plants can effectively support your body through these symptoms, easing the discomfort and providing a natural solution.

Learn more about Fighting Allergy Symptoms with Aromatherapy

There are also situational actions you can take to reduce your allergy symptoms:

  • Stay indoors when it is dry and windy. The optimal time to be outside is after rainfall, as the rain clears the air of pollen. 
  • Avoid personal contact with freshly cut grass or weeds. 
  • Change your clothing after being outdoors to avoid carrying the pollen with you once indoors.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in the early morning, as this is typically when pollen counts are highest during the day.

Take Action to Naturally Ease Allergy Symptoms

Though there are many super plants that are known to ease allergy symptoms and support your body it can be overwhelming to find access to them. We have formulated Lemon Berry Bliss Cores specifically for this purpose so that you can effectively eliminate discomfort in a flavorful way with Füm™. 




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