The Burl Story: Unique, Beautiful, and Durable

On October 23rd, the Füm™ Burl and its story were announced. 

We launched Burl as both a new and unique Füm™, but also as an innovative tool. An innovative tool not only for quick, easy, and efficient access to the world’s super plants around us, but also as a tool that helps us tell our story.

Among the many features of Burl Füm™, its storytelling capabilities stand out from the rest.

What is a Burl?

Burl, though a wood, is not a tree. In fact, a Burl is an abnormal growth on a tree that is formed under challenging circumstances and can take place on a variety of trees (ie. Cherry, Maple, Walnut, etc.).

Specifically, Burls are those round, knobby sections on a tree that don’t look all that pleasant to the eye and when examined up close, are spiny! At first glance, they look like an infection, or rather a giant scabbed wound. And, that’s sort of what it is.

Maple Burl

A Burl is the result of an injury to the tree, caused by insects, viruses, fungus, and stress. The tree, in an effort to defend itself, put a mass amount of energy to overcome this burden and formed a Burl--like a scab to its wound.

In some cases, these Burls can be safely and sustainably harvested from a tree, promoting its ongoing growth.

Getting Beneath the Surface?

Beneath this strange formation, is some of the most intricate wood imaginable. As rehabilitation for humans follows slight variances in pattern during the process, so is the formation of a Burl. Each Burl looks different from any other. 


The unique struggles form unique grain patterns, resulting in its own unique look and shape.


On top of its individuality, it is incredibly beautiful. Its uniqueness is its beauty. A Burl is beautiful for it has no comparison--not to mention the darker grain, distinct patterning, and overall aesthetics!


Along with Burl’s uniqueness and beautiful nature, it is incredibly durable. The Burl, as a result of grinding through the pain, has become stronger than any other part of the tree. Its twisted nature makes it resistant to breaking, or a second attack.

Burl Tells Our Story

Humans, like Burl, mimic this same narrative. 

We are made distinctly beautiful and durable in spite of the calamity life throws our way. The pain we’ve endured has shaped our trajectory and has made us stronger. In the fight against unhealthy habits, we are made stronger and can lead a life of positive habits. Our struggles do not define us or defeat us, they form us uniquely and beautifully into who we are today and who we are becoming tomorrow.

Like a Burl, we are durable, unique, and immensely beautiful.

The Burl Füm™

We chose Maple Burl for our new Füm™ because creating positive habits is a unique journey that represents the formative change of growth in our lives. Your story is surely filled with all sorts of hardship, yet on the other end is a more durable, more resilient, and more beautifully you.

By purchasing a Burl Füm™, you are joining the collective of positive rebels who see their past not as a prison, but as a story leading them to a better and more positive life.

Your Burl Füm™ has a story, and so do you. A story of overcoming battles, healing, and growth. 

What’s your Burl story?
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Füm™ Burl

Price: $49 USD

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I am so excited to try The Burl! I love my other Fums!

Melissa Phillips November 09, 2020

I’m going out on a limb Nov 3rd and getting one to quit smoking! I love the first thing I read was about Young Living Oils! I believe in the power of the plant and looking forward to my purchase!!!

Mary Holmes October 28, 2020

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