Black Pepper Essential Oil Health Benefits

Why Black Pepper?

"Loving mine guys 👌🏻 after 6 years of smoking and 6 years of vaping I finally gave it all up and this really helps." -instagram comment 

"This is awesome for anyone trying to quit vaping or smoking. I used to vape before using this product and now i don't vape at all. Love the pipe!" -customer review 

"I received my FUM pipe 2 days before I started to quit smoking which was October 1st of this year. It has been an absolute life saver. This is the only thing I have to puff on, but man does it work." -customer review 


There's been talk in natural health about how black pepper essential oil can help with quitting smoking. We at FUM, thought that FUM would be the perfect tool paired with black pepper oil to help those looking for a natural aid for quitting smoking. However, what's the scientific evidence to support this? Looking more into medical journals we found out how the benefits of inhaling black pepper oil. 


What is Black Pepper? 

Black pepper is one of the worlds most commonly used spice. Even though, black pepper is most commonly know for its flavoring abilities, its main active component, piperine, has shown to have many health benefits. 


Black Pepper Oil + FUM Benefits 


Boosts Metabolism: Studies reveal that piperine, a major component in black pepper oil, enhances carbohydrates and fat metabolism in muscles during exercise. When inhaled, black pepper lowers redox signal components, which helps improve the effectiveness of exercise.


Kick the Cigarette Habit: Black pepper oil can help reduce the cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms of anxiety. Clinical studies recommend that respiratory tract sensations are major aspects of mitigating smoking withdrawal symptoms. Black pepper oil is unique to the body when inhaled as it helps mimic the habitual actions of smoking, while providing a unique pungent taste similar to cigarettes. During a study using two control groups, results revealed that those who inhaled black pepper had significantly reduced withdrawals symptoms than those who did not use black pepper.


Improves Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure: Black pepper is knowns as a Ayurvedic medicine; when taken internally, its warming prosperities helps with circulation and heart health. Additionally, studies reveal that black pepper essential oil acts as a antihypertensive, which can help to decrease blood pressure.  


Has Antiviral Properties: Long-term use of antibiotics can result in the evolution of multi-drug resistant bacteria. In other words, the increase use in antibiotics can increase the body's resistance to antibiotics and other prescription drugs. While, published research found that black pepper contains properties that target harmful bacteria without affecting cell viability. 


Detoxifies the Body: According to research, Black Pepper has bio-transformative effects as it detoxifies the body and enhances absorption of bio-availability. Furthermore, positive results suggest that inhaling black pepper can help reduce symptoms of human metabolic syndrome by removing toxins and reducing inflammation in the body. 


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Jocelyn's passion to help others drives her work here at FUM.  Jocelyn uses her research knowledge to bring information to the FUM Family on how to improve health. She graduated with a degree in Business Management and Organizational Communication from University of Ottawa and currently lives in Calgary, Canada.



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