A Place to Call Home: M4K Building Project

I firmly believe that the greatest change comes from those who step up and begin making a difference in the world in front of them. They do not wait for a perfect plan. They do not wait for someone else to solve the problem. They just start. They start with what they have, and what they can do today, and they go from there.  

We all have the opportunity to do this, to take an action, to make a change, however slight it might be. 

This is what Dennis the founder of Messiah for Kenya orphanage (M4K) did. He began caring for local children who were living on the streets near him in the Kisumu region of Kenya. What began as caring for 20 children in a home quickly became a 200 child orphanage. It was through hearing the story that Füm decided that it wanted to be a part of supporting this amazing project. Since launching, Füm has donated over $53000 CAD to empower these children with food, shelter, and education. 

I feel it is incredible how these 200 children now have a place to belong and that they are no longer alone, that they can have hope for a bright future. 

Recently, I was notified that the orphanage is still needing a place to call home. In the past year, Messiah for Kenya orphanage was lent a facility in which the children were able to live and be cared for. The owner of this facility has notified the orphanage that they are needing to move out at the end of October and find their own facility. Currently, they have no place to go.

M4K has been given a piece of land and has begun the process of building their home. They need to raise an additional $150k CAD in order to build the first phase of boys dormitories, girls dormitories, and a kitchen.

DID YOU KNOW? Almost 10,000 children become orphans every day. Let's start working to provide them with a home.


Füm is working to bring awareness to this cause, connecting people around the world as problem solvers to this project. You can do this by donating through the go-fund me page and following M4k for ongoing updates. 

I am excited by what we can do together to support those who take action to serve those around them. I truly admire what M4K orphanage has done in the past 3 years as they are stepping up to serve. I hope that we can all be inspired to begin taking actions to care for those in need. 

Are you going to be a part of empowering these children with a home?

How you can get involved: 

- Donate through the GoFundMe here. Any amount is helpful!

- Share with others about this project! Your network is a powerful tool to make this happen!  


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