4 Reasons to Gift Füm

The Holidays are approaching quickly and we’re all starting the hunt for the best gifts for our loved ones. Let’s make that search a little easier for you. Here's four  reasons to gift Füm™ this holiday season…

#1 A Fun, Not-Awkward Way to Gift Quitting Smoking

Know someone who wants to quit smoking but doesn’t know where to start? Giving people quitting smoking aids as a gift can feel awkward, like gifting deodorant- just kind of feels rude, right?! 

Füm is a way to naturally aid quitting smoking in a fun, enjoyable way. This is a quitting smoking tool that is desirable, regardless of whether they successfully quit or not. And it doesn’t feel like a rude way to help that person achieve their goal of quitting. 

#2 Each Füm™ Gives Back

Füm™ donates 6 meals to children in Kenya for every purchase of a Füm™ inhaler. Gifting a Füm this holiday season does more than just help the person you are gifting it to, it also helps make a positive impact on the life of a child in Kenya. 

We donate to M4K Orphanage in Kenya, where over 200 orphaned and abandoned children have a safe place to call home where they have access to food, shelter, and education. 

Learn more about why Füm gives back here. 

Learn more about M4K Orphanage here. 

#3 Simultaneously “Fun” & “Practical” 

Most gifts fall in a “practical” or  “fun” category. Rarely does a gift hit both categories. 

Practical gifts are the things you need and serve a useful purpose- like new socks or toothbrushes, a vacuum, a new kitchen tool, a subscription to a cleaning service. 

Fun gifts are those things that you wouldn’t buy yourself but also really desire- like an overpriced pair of shoes, something for your hobby, a trip or experience. 

Both gift categories are thoughtful and meaningful. But what if you could gift something that hits both categories? Something with a useful purpose that also is something desirable? That’s where Füm™ comes in perfectly. Not only is it beneficial and useful, but it is also enjoyable. With tasty Core flavors and a beautiful Füm design, it can help with many issues, including; quitting smoking or vaping, anxiety and stress, respiratory issues, improving focus, and more. 

#4 Sustainably, Ethically, & Canadian Made

This one is kind of self explanatory. We care about the way our products are made. Füm™ prioritizes creating products and packaging that are sustainable and ethical. All of our product manufacturing is done in Canada at our headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. We value taking responsibility for how our products are made, packaged, and shipped. From start to finish, our processes are intentionally done in ways that are benefitting our customers, employees, community, and the environment. 

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Find out which super-plants
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A natural inhaler that allows your body to receive the amazing benefits from some of the world's best super plants.

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Find out which super-plants will be most beneficial to you!

Find out which super-plants
will be most beneficial to you!

How Can
We Help?

Find out which super-plants will
be most beneficial to you!


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