4 Workout Annoyances Super Plants Can Ease

Exercising means different things to each person. We all know it’s important to regularly move our bodies. How we choose to do that is personal, and honestly, there’s no “perfect” way to exercise. Whether you are going for a walk, lifting weights, dancing, swimming, mountain biking, or putting on the gloves you’ve probably experienced some of the discomfort that comes with pushing your body through exercise. 

We’re talking:

  • Post workout fatigue and aches
  • Motivation and energy drain
  • Shortness of breath; and 
  • Endurance

Though practice, consistency, and form play major roles in alieving those discomforts, another great companion is super plants!

How Super Plants & Aromatherapy Help 

Aromatherapy, the act of breathing the benefits of plant aromas, is the fastest way for your body to get the benefits of plants. Through receptors in your olfactory system, your body absorbs the aromatic molecules of super plants. 

Füm makes this process of aromatherapy simple, safe, and portable. By breathing in through your mouth with your Füm natural inhaler, air passes by your Core and the benefits hit receptors in your nose and mouth.

Why Use Super Plants with Exercise 

Super plants can effectively enhance your physical performance by addressing some of the common discomforts of exercise. 

#1 Boost your Energy


Ever felt like you just couldn’t muster the gumption to start a workout? Or to finish it? Specific plants can help boost your energy throughout your exercise. 

Plants that help with energy include

  • Spearmint
  • Davana
  • Lime
  • Grapefruit

#2 Increase Oxygenation 

Your oxygenation during exercise directly affects your performance. During exercise, you naturally have a dip in oxygen throughout your body, as your body uses it to convert glucose into energy. Opening up your airways helps you to be properly oxygenated during exercise, resulting in better overall performance physically. 

Plants that help with oxygenation include

  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Ocotea
  • Eucalyptus

Learn more about Oxygenation in Exercise here

#3 Improve Focus 

Ever felt like your mind is all over the place during exercise? It’s easy to feel distracted and lose focus when doing repetitive actions, like most exercises require. Better focus during exercise can result in stronger efficiency.

Plants that help with focus

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Cedarwood
  • Basil

#4 Ease Muscle Pain & Fatigue

Muscle pain and post-exercise fatigue are closely linked with oxygenation. When your body doesn’t have enough oxygen, it goes into Lactic Acidosis causing muscle pain and fatigue, among other discomforts. BUT, to a degree, Lactic Acidosis is not completely avoidable. So what do you do about the pain then? Well, there are super plants that are specifically effective for relieving pain

Plants that help with pain and fatigue

  • Copaiba
  • Rosemary 
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot


Natural Solutions Empower You to Take Action 

The discomforts of exercise (like fatigue, aches, energy, and endurance) don’t need to hold you back from moving your body. You can naturally counteract these pesky elements of exercise with the benefits of super plants! 

Utilize this natural way to boost your routines to the next level! 

Invigorate Cores were formulated specifically to address the pesky discomforts of exercise by increasing oxygenation. Formulated with super plants known to boost physical performance. Including plants like Peppermint, Davana, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lime, Ocotea, and more. A flavor bursting with minty-ness, with background hints of sweet candy.


Invigorate Cores

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Find out which super-plants will be most beneficial to you!

Find out which super-plants
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