21 Reasons to Use Füm

In the beginning, Co-founders Jani and Jaron made Füm to help utilize the benefits of Peppermint essential oil while working out instead of having to get their hand and weights oily. Since those beginning days the community has consistently blown our minds with how much love they have for the product and the many different use cases they use Füm for.

Here are just a small segment of the many ways you can use Füm in your wellness journey. Leave your favourite way/reason to use Füm in the comments below. 


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  1. Quickest Way to Receive the Benefits of Essential Oils. 
  2. Boost your Immune System in Public Places
  3. Fresh Breath All Day Long with Peppermint 
  4. Clearing That Nauseous Feeling on Car Rides
  5. Resist Cravings & Help Stay Fit.
  6. Help Focus on Work & New Opportunities 
  7. Relief From Asthma
  8. Calming in Stressing Situations
  9. Opening Airways & Controlling Breathing While Exercising
  10. Enjoying Essential Oils on the Go
  11. Quick Seasonal & Animal Allergies Relief
  12. Diffusing Essential Oils in Fragrance-Free Areas.  
  13. Look Super Badass
  14. Replacing Negative Habits like Smoking & Vaping
  15. Reducing Anxiety, Stress, & Panic Attacks
  16. To Trigger Positive Mindsets & Bio-Hack.
  17. To Help Control Hormonal Unbalances.
  18. To Stop Sticking Plastic Inhalers up Your Nose.
  19. Quickly Recover From Sickness. 
  20. Clear Nasal Congestion with Peppermint. 
  21. An Exciting way to Get More People to Use Essential Oils

Fum prominent


Hi Denise,

We recommend adding three-four drops of essential oil per core.

FÜM July 28, 2020

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for asking! We recommend checking in with your doctor about which Essential Oils to use for medical conditions.

FÜM July 28, 2020

How many drops per core when using our oils?

Denise July 28, 2020

Love Fum!…just curious what oil core or recipe do you recommend for helping balance hormones?… please

Maggie July 09, 2020

Excellent presentation.

John C Hausman June 02, 2020

What is the core made from and how “safe” is it when it comes to inhaling through it? Why must the core be frayed as well?

JD June 02, 2020

Can other oils be used as well?

Bon May 29, 2020

Hi @DEE,
Thanks for asking! a core typically lasts between 2-3 days.

Füm May 26, 2020

Looking into this and was wondering how long one core lasts.

Dee May 26, 2020

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